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3 best editing apps for food photography for 2020

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Food photography has taken a high dive in recent times. Many people post food as a part of their Instagram feed and the food Instagram hashtag is filled with hundreds if not millions of food accounts and photos.

Being able to take great photos of food is very key however we can all agree that we don’t always get the right spot for good food photos. Even with well taken photos, proper editing can take it a step higher than the original photo. Whether you have an android or iPhone, taking great food photos and editing them has never been easier like it is now.

In this post, I am giving you a rundown of three of my favourite go to apps to enhance your food photos.

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 1. Snapseed

One of my personal go to apps to use for food photography is snapseed. It’s absolutely free to use and contains a lot of amazing features that brings out the quality in any photo. The tools provided for editing includes tune image, details, curves, white balance, crop, brush, selective, lens blur, text, and frames etc. these tools when used in the right way can take any food photo from mediocre to professional.
Some of my best features in the app includes “selective” which enables you to sharpen, brighten and saturate certain areas. The brush tool also allows users to apply exposure, dodge and burn, and saturation to only selected parts of a picture. 

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One of the other great features of the snapseed app is that it saves the previous edits, it’s therefore great for anyone who would want to keep a consistent feed on their Instagram page. Users can share the pictures directly to their social media pages like Facebook and Instagram.

2. Lightroom

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The lightroom mobile app developed by adobe for android and IOS is a great place to edit food photos. It is a free app for smartphones and tablets that allows editing and sharing photos. The first place I start from when editing is the auto tune feature before I make any necessary adjustments.

The colour feature of the light room app enable users to edit the hue, saturation and luminance and really bring out the life in the photo. It also enables one to edit only particular colures in the picture. The colour also enables allows one to adjust lighting in specific areas of the picture. Lightroom allows users to cut, rotate and crop images. It is a great place to enhance and edit food images.

3. Preview 

The preview app is a feed planner for Instagram but has other amazing features including photo editing capabilities and scheduling of posts. It is a free app that has everything you will need to design and manage your food Instagram.

For many creators, there is a need to have a consistent and aesthetic feed as well as a planner that keeps posts in order. The preview app is the answer to all this. As a food blogger, the preview app can help manage posts by planning out your posts and in which order the user wants them to go. It also provides the feature to add captions and hashtags in the post before it is posted to Instagram.

This is highly beneficial so that whenever the user is ready to post, they will find that everything is ready and all there is to do is copy the information and post the picture with it. One of the coolest stuffs is undoubtedly editing feature that is embedded in the preview app, this gives access to users to edit their photos right on the preview app and post them straight to their Instagram once they are done.

There are a lot of features that enables one to be able to edit and enhance any photo especially a food photo. One of my best features is the whiten tool which instantly gives any picture a clean and whitish look without much effort. The preview app is definitely a must have app for any food blogger because of its intense benefits.

These are my three go to apps that can turn any food photography from boring to super. Hope this article was helpful and you are ready to give these apps a try, go ahead and download at zero cost and explore till you find what works for you. 

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