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Who makes the most expensive AR 15 handguard?

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One of the essential parts of your AR-15 is the handguard. It comes in handy to mount most of your accessories in addition to providing a grip when holding your gun.

AR-15 handguards come with various features, and these add up to a specific price. There is one for every budget, but if you are looking for a more long-lasting solution, investing a little more money would be the best option.

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If you are the search for a high-quality, functional ar-15 handguard, then you need to know some of the companies that make the most expensive ones. That way, you have a few options to choose from and settle on a favorite.

AR-15 Handguard Companies with the Most Expensive Options

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Aero Precision

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Aero Precision is known for making the best AR-15 handguards, with the most common one being the Enhanced M-LOK handguards. These provide a lightweight free float design for your custom AR-15 BUILD. The unique M-LOK system allows advanced modularity that goes past the current 1913 Picatinny rail system.

These handguards come with a Generation 2 feature for additional functionality. One is the quick-disconnect sling pocket at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions. Another Gen 2 feature these handguards have is the additional milling along flats for better gripping and an improved visual appeal.

The Aero Precision handguards are available at different lengths and various mounting options. Also, as much as they are considered expensive, the price ranges, and you can most definitely find one that meets your needs.

Bravo Company

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Bravo Company makes a variety of accessories, including AR-15 handguards. There is a variety of handguards to choose from a wide range. They are available in different lengths and mounting options, so you are sure to find one according to your needs.

The Bravo Company makes professional-grade weaponry that is reinforced and tested to meet the needs of professional soldiers, law enforcers, and other users.

The company uses the highest quality of materials, tested and proven to function to ensure the best products. On this note, they stock the best AR-15 handguard options and a variety of other accessories for your gun.

Midwest Industries

Midwest Industries are known for their high-quality gun accessories and parts. One of their most popular products is the ultra-lightweight handguards. The MI-ULW range features handguards of different lengths to suit your needs.

These come as free-float handguards, but you can be sure to find other types from the range of handguards they have.

Midwest has options that combine the easy installation of a drop-in design and the performance of a free-float design. These handguards are quite an investment but provide the best of both worlds. Luckily, you can select from the wide variety of AR 15 handguards they have.

Centurion Arms

If you are looking for sturdy AR-15 handguards, you might want to check Centurion Arms options. They have some of the most expensive ones, which has to do with how solid and functional their handguards are.

The handguards are well-engineered to provide the versatility you need when using them. They are also created with ease of use in mind to ensure simple installation and straightforward use.

Their accessories are quite pricey compared to some companies, but this shows the quality of materials and manufacturing processes they use. With a Centurion Arms AR-15 handguard, you are less likely to get a replacement in years, thanks to the outstanding quality.

SLR Rifleworks

This is one of the companies with a wide range of AR-15 handguards to choose from. Some of the common ones are the M-LOK, Helix Series, and Solo Series. These handguards are built to last long, hence the high price. They are available in different lengths so you can choose the most appropriate one for your gun.

SLR Rifleworks has some of the most innovative accessories and parts in the rifle industries. With the regular tests, you are sure of quality that lasts a long time.


Finding the most expensive AR-15 handguard can be quite a task, but options from the above companies can be a great start. This is not so say you cannot find other expensive models from other companies. These stand out on the market and have quite a range as far as AR-15 handguards are concerned.


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