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Top 10 Female Ghanaian Bloggers You Should Be Following

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Christopher Sam
Christopher Sam is a web designer, developer and has advanced knowledge in Search Engine Optimization, Responsive Website Design, Emails Marketing, BULK SMS Messaging, Schema Markup and a certified Google Trainer. He is a creator and editor at Hypercitigh.com, an online digital platform focusing on Credible and Timely news and in Ghana.
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It’s the age of bloggers. They took social media by storm. If you are searching for a fashion, beauty, health, or food tips, all your questions are answered by these bloggers. Out there, with so many bloggers, which one do you follow? We have made a list of the top 10 Female Ghanaian Bloggers that we personally love and feel are deserving of industry recognition:

Here is the full list of Top female bloggers in ghana

Violet Bannerman Obeng @aakosua_vee/ 

Want some inspiration from Fashion and Styling? The girl for you is Violet Bannerman Obeng! She is a blogger and a celebrity stylist who knows just what’s going to fit on what kind of body and personality.

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AfuaRida @afuarida

Afua Rida is an enthusiast for fashion. He’s been creating style and lifestyle content as she moves around the globe. She’s very passionate about sharing the world’s imaginative stories as she sees them.


Lharley Lartey @lharley

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Lharley Lartey is a Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, and Food blogger.

Tracy Jamilatu Iddrissu @https://www.facebook.com/www.traceyscloset

Ms. Tracy Jamilatu Iddrisu is a stylist, personal shopper and blogger from Ghana who is storming the fashion scene in Ghana. Born in Tamale, Ghana, the stunning blogger is well known in fashion circles.


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Chic Ama @chicamastyle

Chic Ama is a fashion-forward Style Entrepreneur 

Bibiana Gyasi @cheflifestyle

Female Ghanaian Bloggers

Bibiana is a food and photography blogger. Along with being a blogger, she is a Youtuber whose channel provides insightful and relevant content around food and its associated lifestyles including cooking, serving, eating manners, shopping.

Hamdiya Hamid@mss.dee

Hamdiya Hamid is a modest Style Enthusiast, Beauty & Lifestyle Content Creator. she is one of the most creative fashion bloggers of our time.

Aku Akuffo @aku_akuffo

A lawyer and content blogger with an infectious smile and from what we see from her on Instagram post.

Debbie Beeko @debbs_bjuku

Debbie is a Content Creator, Makeup Artist , Style & Beauty Blogger.

Chantell Dapaah @chantelldapaah


Chantell is a model, fashion and lifestyle blogger.

How many of these Female Ghanaian bloggers are you already following?


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