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“I aspire to inspire everyone who witnesses my tenure”- Up Close with Continental Anderson, KNUST SRC Speaker of Parliament

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Andrews Aibi Junior
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After a long-break from school and succession planning at KNUST left in limbo, the much-anticipated SRC elections came off on January 28, 2021. The race ended with a sort of anti-climax with Master Samuel Sesah pulling in more than 85% of the entire ballots cast. In line with setting up his administration, he has appointed Master Christian Ntsiful Anderson as the Speaker of Parliament for the 12th SRC Parliament at KNUST.

Hypercitigh.com was able to get in touch with Master Christian Ntsiful Anderson, popularly known in the KNUST Political arena as Continental Anderson, in an interview. From the interview, he opened up about his educational and family background, his venture into the political arena, his ties to Master Samuel Sesah and what his plans are for his new role as the Speaker of Parliament for the KNUST SRC Parliament.

Mr. Christian Ntsiful Anderson comes from a Christian family with four children. He is the third born and the second son out of the four children. His father is into education and his mom is a trader. With regard to his educational background, he had his formative year’s education at St. Nicholas JHS in Nkotumso, a suburb of Upper Denkyira West district located in the Central region. He then moved on to have his secondary school education, majoring in General Science, at Prempeh College located here in Kumasi. He is currently pursuing a six-year Doctor of Optometry certification at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, also in Kumasi.

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On his venture into student politics, he disclosed he has served as the Music Director for Presbyterian Methodist Students’ Union (PMSU) while in S.H.S. He also served in the capacity of Class Prefect for two years while in SHS. He was a member of the Awards Committee for the Ashanti Regional SRC. Over his time here at KNUST, he has also served as Course Representative for his class, he contested and won the Unity Hall General Secretary position for the 2018/2019 Academic year. This win gave him a chance to serve as a member of the KNUST Students Parliament House. He served in the 10th SRC Parliamentary Council as a member of the Committee on Residence and Welfare. He has been prepared for this new role with him also serving as Deputy Speaker of the first Senate of SCISA. He served as the Academic Board Chairman of Unity Hall JCR for the 2019/2020 Academic year. He has also served as P.R.O for NUGS KNUST for 2019/2020 Academic year. With his appointment as Speaker of Parliament for the KNUST SRC Parliament being the latest in the myriad of roles he has served in, it is no strange thing that he has been appointed to this role considering the depth of experience in the student politics arena.

We sought to know how he and Sesah came to be the formidable team players we have seen over the past few years in the latter’s race for the SRC President Office here at KNUST. The team’s efforts over the years has culminated in success in the recently held SRC elections. From Continental Anderson, he disclosed his meeting with Master Samuel Sesah in Senior High School as Master Samuel Sesah carried out his role as the Accra Regional SRC President and Master Anderson also served in his capacity as member of the Awards Committee in the Ashanti Regional SRC. He made it known, the long standing work relationship between himself and Master Samuel Sesah is what informed Master Sesah to appoint him, Mr. Anderson, as the next Speaker of Parliament for KNUST’s SRC.

On challenges he has faced on campus, Master Christian Ntsiful Anderson opened up on how it was initially difficult to combine academic work with the many political pursuits in first year. He was however proud he got the hang of it with no time at all and has been able to advance on both fronts with minor setbacks to this day. We sought then to know his plans for the new role has been tasked with. He said,

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“I aspire to inspire everyone who witnesses my tenure, to want to take up leadership roles and impact the lives of students positively. We pray for God’s Grace to do so.”

The semester is indeed young and work is yet to begin but with the confidence placed in Master Christian Ntsiful Anderson in his new role, we hope to see his great depth of experience being applied to this new role.

By: hypercitigh.com Prince Kofi Guadzi

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