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Monday, May 16, 2022
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#Broken: Dr Mahamadu Bawumia promises made in 2016

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- Advertisement - editorial takes a look at the number promises made ahead of the 2016 elections.

We have enlisted 16 promises which we believe per records have not been significantly attained in light of prevailing economic hiccups.

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1) Cedi arrested and the keys given to the IGP? Yet you have failed to check the free fall of the cedi.

2) The promise of providing the necessary incentives for private sector participation in health service delivery remains a mirage. What happened to it?

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3) Pursuing aggressive industrialization and value addition to agricultural produce has not seen the light of day.

4) The much touted allocation of US$1 million annually per constituency has become a bitter fallacy.

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5) The promise to develop interconnected roads, railways, ports and harbor (RRHPs) system remains a pipe dream.

6) What happened to “No village in Ghana will have a challenge with toilet and water provision within 2 years of an NPP Government?”

7) Reducing the corporate tax rate from 25% to 20% has still not materialized.

8) The pledge to provide incentives for the hospitality and creative arts industry that will enable them create jobs has been another fiasco.

9) The promise to build hospitals in districts that lack them was totally forgotten until COVID-19 exposed the Akufo-Addo/Bawumia administration.

Dr Mahamadu in 2016

10) How about your promise that “Every Ghanaian will have a bank account by end of 2018.

11) Implementing policies that will reduce the cost of doing business has been a hoax.

12) The pledge to provide a reliable and cost effective mix of energy supply for businesses has probably been long forgotten.

13) The Water For All Programme has become another deception.

14) Dr. Bawumia’s promise to construct 570 dams in 2017 adds to his tall list of empty rhetoric.

15) When is Dr. Bawumia going to make available the $18 billion Chinese loan he promised us?

16) When is he going to draw down on the $2 billion sinohydro loan?

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