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Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Exploring Bobiri Forest Reserve And Butterfly Sanctuary

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Ecotourism is a sub-component of the field of sustainable tourism. It is a potential tool for sustainable economic development and environmental conservation. According to the International Ecotourism Society, ecotourism refers to “responsible travel that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people”. It encompasses nature-based adventure, soft adventure and cultural tourism.

Studatour ltd, a travel and tour company that continue to serve its patrons with exciting and unique tour services not just promoting the beautiful and welcoming country of Ghana but offering experience in other countries on the African continent.

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As part of its business organized a one-day hangout to the Bobiri Forest Reserve and Butterfly Sanctuary near Kubease in the Juaben Municipality of the Ashanti region. We got to our destination which was the Bobiri forest reserve and butterfly sanctuary at 7:40am to catch the early morning ambiance and squeaking sound from the forest. We were welcomed by Mr. Christian Opoku-Kwarteng, the facility manager who briefed us on the history surrounding the forest reserve.

Bobiri forest is a big natural forest reserve occupying a space of 54.65 and divided into seventy-three compartments. It was gazetted in 1939 and it is the source of five water bodies and houses more than 500 plant species. The forest reserve serves as a Research Centre, an ecotourism site and production zone. The Bobiri Forest Reserve has a well-furnished six-bedroom guesthouse, 24 hour security and catering service.

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There are unique life forms including plants and animals associated with supernatural tendencies and trees as old as 350 years. We further proceeded to the forest for hiking. Some of the trees identified in the forest were Mahogany, Sapele, Ohaa, Danta, Prekese, Odum, etc. The oldest tree present is the Cylicodiscus gabunensis (Denya) while the biggest is the Ceiba pentandra (Onyina).

He also showed us some butterfly trap nets for butterfly viewing. The butterfly sanctuary hosts about 420 butterfly species and over 100 bird species.

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 We returned to the reception after 2:30min walk through the forest. The site is ideal for tropical forest research, academic tour, appreciation of nature through butterfly and bird watching, hiking through natural forest alongside a tour guide, picnics and recreation, holidays away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

After freshening up and taking snacks, we continued to have our indoor and outdoor games. The activities that took place were table tennis, football, ludo, draft, scrabbles and cards.

After two hours of having competitive indoor games, we had some break, had lunch and grouped ourselves into teams to begin the fun games. Some of the fun activities were treasure hunt, water gun battle, musical chairs, dancing competition and rap along.

Winners of the various activities and games were awarded with branded Studatour lacoste and toffees. After two hours of having fun and photoshoot sessions, we brought all the activities to an end

According to Mr. Opoku-Kwarteng, their plea is for the government to develop the access road to the reserve and connect the Centre to the national electricity grid as a generator is the current source of power.

Patrons were informed, educated and entertained as that remains the aim of Studatour ltd as to offer personalized and group enriching programmes that are unique, educational and entertaining, whilst promising competitive pricing.

We measure our success by feedback from visitors who share their experience both online and by word of mouth to their friends and families who in turn use our outstanding services. 

Ghana is enriched with lots of tourism potential and we will continue to be your eyes to seeing Ghana and beyond.


Moses Gyasi

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