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Rapperholic 2020: BoxxTicket introduces new ticketing technology

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2020 sure came with its share of challenges but one thing holds true, BoxxTicket changed the face of Ticketing in Ghana with its newest technology which was used for Rapperholic 2020.

BoxxTicket provided ticketing solutions, the second time in a row, for the prestigious show of the year – Rapperholic.

The fascinating thing about Rapperholic 2020 was the ability of the event attendee to select his/her seat prior to the event after purchasing a ticket.

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The Seat Selection Technology, a simple solution to an existing problem in event management in Ghana, was debuted in the country by BoxxTicket during Rapperholic 2020.

The new technology makes it possible for Event Organizers to also have real-time data of ticket sales, easier access control and it completely eliminates duplication of tickets.

All of this can be done on your phone with no stress. All you need is a phone or laptop with working internet and you’re good to go.

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In the 2 years of its existence, BoxxTicket has partnered with major Event Organizers to give event attendees a digitized experience with ticket purchases.

The convenience it offers is unmatched. With the RFID Cashless Ticketing System, BoxxTicket has worked for major events such as House of Walker, UppFest, Much Live, and Rapperholic.

BoxxTicket also presents Event Organizers with a platform where virtual events can be monetized with the Pay-Per-View Ticketing Platform.

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All these are ways BoxxTicket is helping transform the Ticketing Experience in Ghana one event at a time.

Sign up on www.boxxticket.com and enjoy the benefits of the new-school Ticketing Solutions. Struggling for a seat at your next event is a no-no and Rapperholic 2020 was a testament to it.

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