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UHAS SRC EC Opens Nominations, releases Election Timetable

The Electoral Commission (EC) of the UHAS-SRC in a communique dated 9th March, 2019 officially opened nominations for aspiring students who are looking to hold various student administrative positions in the coming 2019/2020 administrative year.
The communique, which was signed by the secretary of the commission, Mr. Boakye Emmanuel on behalf of the chairman of the commission (Mr. Bismark Yeboah Dankwa) stated the various portfolios which were available for contest in the upcoming elections, the opening and closing dates for picking and submission of forms and the price tags for each form.
A notice signed by the chairman of the commission, Mr. Bismark Yeboah Dankwa, was released the following week, this time stating only various portfolios that were up for contest.
The various portfolios for contest as spelled out by the notice include;

President President President
Secretary Secretary Secretary
Treasurer Treasurer Treasurer
Women’s Commissioner Women’s Commissioner  

The election time table, signed by the chairman of the commission which was later released together with the notice outlined various activities that are to run throughout the election period right from the date of pickup of forms to a run-off election if there were to be any.

The scheduled activities for the election period spelled out by the election time table are to take place from 9th March, 2019 through to 17th April, 2019.
A more detailed activity list is as follows;

Opening of nominations; 9th March, 2019
Closing date and submission of forms; 15th March 2019
Vetting of Aspirants; 21st March, 2019 (Provincial Aspirants)
22nd March, 2019 (Federal Aspirants)
23rd March, 2019 (Local NUGS Aspirants)
Campaigning; 24th March, 2019 – 9th April, 2019
28th March, 2019 (Hohoe)
Reading of Manifesto; 27th March, 2019 (Ho)
Presidential Debate (Federal Aspirants); 6th April, 2019
SRC election; 10th April, 2019
Provincial Results; 10th April, 2019
Declaration of final results; 12th April, 2019
Run-of election (if any); 17th April, 2019

The UHAS-SRC runs a federal system of administration as a result of the different locations of its campuses (Ho and Hohoe).
Voting is expected to be done electronically.
SOURCE; Amemo Raphael Eyram

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