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KNUST student activists at Heart; Learning their aims

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Andrews Aibi Junior
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KSA institute for Policy, Research,
Education and Activism is a think tank of global repute based in Knust,Ghana. Founded on the 6th of February,2016 by Ulzen Jacobs Ulzen who also serves as the Executive Director at KSA.
KSA has carved a niche in Knust’s advocacy and policy environment for putting out objective, independent analysis and critique on many issues using appreciable techniques that apply across different disciplines. Through effective communication skills and the ability to work with public-spirited media and civil society, we are committed in shaping national, regional and global agenda in order to ensure we close the “citizen participation gap” in the governance process.
We hope to work with over 40 credible media allies. We produce high quality relevant research.
We distinguish ourselves when it comes to media impact,and especially when it comes to our capacity to reach out to the ordinary people through a wide variety of mass-circulation written articles,the internet and appearances at popular events.
•Media Attention
•Public Advocacy
•Social commentating
Our advisory board consists of competent and prominent individuals who continue to make significant contributions towards KSA’s vision. They provide strategic advice, financial support and direction to the management.
These are a group of individual students with diverse backgrounds, rich experience in their respective fields and the academic proficiency across various disciplines.
The Think tank’s operation centers on these four Institutes;
1. Institute for Social Policy : Committed to conducting series of research and advocacy projects aimed at suggesting reforms, drawing policymaker’s attention to critical areas,as well as influencing decisions in the social sector to improve the social well being of Ghanaians and Africans at large.
2. Institute for Economics: KSA is committed to influencing programmes and policies related to monetary and economic issues, political governance, trade and private sector development in Africa. Through education, research and advocacy. We seek to promote higher levels of economic freedom and to drive government’s accountability in the use of national resources.
3. Institute for Energy and Natural resources:
Has as it’s main focus finding lasting solutions to persistent problems of the beefy sector in Ghana and Africa.
4.Institute for Innovation Science and Technology: It focuses on the economics of innovation , science, and technology policy
and regulation in Ghana /Africa and how they affect education,healthcare, economic development, governance. Conducts research and analysis on information technology policy, Telecommunications, innovations and competitiveness, infrastructure for sustainable development .“`
We believe that university men and women must sacrifice their time and be involved in the achievement of every noble objective. The loftier the objective,the greater the sacrifice. It is only those who are prepared for that sacrifice who deserve the fruit of success.
Respectfully yours,
Ulzen Jacobs Ulzen
[email protected]
Executive Director
Folks!, we present you with KSA’s official facebook page
You can talk to us today about how you can support our work at KSA-
[email protected]
It’s not a question of race,
it’s a question of ideas.

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