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Articles of Insight: The Leader's Course by Buabeng Derrick Frimpong


Article of Insight: The Leader’s Course by Buabeng Derrick Frimpong
Leadership is the art of creating societal intentions, initiating visions, defining goals and making sure society upholds these intentions, visions and goals. People have so many different ideologies as to what leadership is and who a leader is.
The amusement is that many people who intend  leading do not portray the art of leadership. What are your intentions? What are your visions? The reasons why the society you aspire to lead should take delight and believe in you and your ambitions. I am very concerned about students leadership since that is the society in which we find ourselves.
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I know that our leadership is stiffened to choices and preferences that are based on less important requirements. Many people have led our society but the question is, have we ever achieved the kind of satisfaction we want in our leadership? Having a mission to preach to people does not guarantee the fact that you are capable of leading.
Leadership strives more than fame. Albeit, leadership usher fame, it designate how serving can make a person prominent. It takes an opened mind, a committed heart, a ready conscience that resides in an able body to make sure the declarations and the interests of the society is considered and administered.
The course of a leader is the interest of his people. The art of leadership is embedded in certain people who have the techniques to deminisify the different views and opinions of the people in his society.
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Leadership measures more than appearance. The art of leadership requires physical appearance, but one thing I have observed is that, not all interesting things are useful and not all useful things are interesting. Appearance is very key in leadership but not enough to carry the mission and visions of the noble society in which you want to lead.
The physical appearance of a leader conveys the zeal to execute the needs of the people, with appearance the potentials of a leader can be read outwardly.
Many are the people who would want to lead us in various societies and groups in which we find ourselves.
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The obvious question people ask is, how can we choose the best candidate? How do we evaluate their potentials? Our students society has experienced different air blow of leadership, yet we do not know how to pick the best out of the rest.
Many people who have the intentions of leading may not actually have what it takes to lead.
They sometimes have conflicting ideas as to how fame can give the leadership and how leadership can give them fame.
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People who stand and intend to make impacts in the lives of others and to make sure the interest of his/her people are served are those we should go for.
I have not tasted much but I know the delicious food can be noticed during preparation, the best can be chosen. The reality of students leadership in K.N.U.S.T can be revealed.



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