Dear fresher, what to expect during KNUST medical examinations [preparation and guidance]

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The University Health Service, in accordance with regulations on admissions of students for academic studies, will be conducting medical examinations for Freshers’ in order to determine their medical fitness to pursue their respective academic programs.

The medical examinations will be done at the Students’ Clinic (located on campus, opposite the Chancellor’s Hall and the New Social Science Block (located on campus, adjacent business school).

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The purpose of the medical examination is to identify diseases that can affect your academic work and guide the medical staff to offer assistance to enable you to pursue your studies.

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Please note that the admission of a student is subject to being declared medically fit by the Director of the University Health Service. Every student should therefore have his/her medical examination done and on time.

PERIOD OF MEDICAL EXAMINATION: Starting, Tuesday 10 January 2023.

  1. It is important that truthful answers are given to the questions in the questionnaire as they will form a basis for your health assessment.
  2. During the examination your weight, height, blood pressure, and temperature will be checked, a chest x-ray taken and a blood test for sickle cell gene done. No test for HIV will be done.
  3.  A thorough physical examination will be done, by a medical doctor of the University Health Service, who will then discuss with you the outcome of the examination. Please feel free to ask the doctor any questions that you need answers to. The medical officer shall inform you of your fitness or otherwise for admission. Any abnormality that is found will be further investigated and the appropriate advice offered.
  5. Please note: All information concerning your medical examination shall be kept confidential with the University Health Service.
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