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UPSA SRC VP Writes on COVID-19: A subtly caution to believers in the faith



Greetings fellow brethren in the faith, kindly permit me use this medium to air my views and sound a word of caution; it would interest you to know I’m a firm believer of the doctrines of the Holy Bible and what it teaches.

Nonetheless, it has come to my notice as to what some believers are putting up on their status amidst the fight against COVID-19, there is no wrong proclaiming that this pandemic can never get to you and your household but I subtly want to entreat that we dont lose sight of the safety precautions given by WHO as it helps to an extent to prevent the spread of this virus.

Ultimately, reports and global news have informed us about how the so called great country’s and economies are finding it difficult to handle this problem; we can however interfere that this is a challenge beyond man’s control hence the need for a greater power that surpasses man’s control which can only be attributed to THE ALMIGHTY GOD; who can protect us and eventually takeoff this plaque that has hit our planet.

Again, it would interest you to know that our Pastors, Politicians, Leaders and whoever you can think of are all in the bid of practicing this safety precautions so as to prevent the spread of this pandemic. So I would entreat all and sundry to also try and comply to this simple but commonest way to avoid the widespread of this virus.

I however admonish that every citizen of the motherland partake in the NATIONAL FASTING AND PRAYERS DAY on Wednesday as we seek the favor of God during this trial times.

I hope this article finds you well.

Author; Nathaniel Addo Jnr
UPSA SRC Vice President

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