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1xBet offers an impressive list of sports betting options

- Advertisement - Uganda is a country with many sports enthusiasts. They support a variety of individuals and teams competing in a variety of...

How many rounds are in a bingo game?

- Advertisement - Knowing how many rounds in a game of bingo means knowing the rules. Each player in the game buys a scorecard...

Is it hard to get a formal licence for a slots website?

- Advertisement - If you’re looking to set up an online slots website, there’s no avoiding the fact that you’re going to have to...

Photos: The huge ancient Egyptian boat used by the pharaohs

- Advertisement - Egyptian authorities have moved the huge boat used by the pharaohs thousands of years ago to its new home. The impressive ancient...

Ghana: Court dismisses case against 21 LGBTQ+ rights activists

- Advertisement - A Court in Ghana has dismissed a case brought against 21 LGBTQ+ rights activists arrested for attending a meeting in the...

Four million Nigerians face hunger over insurgent attacks

- Advertisement - The United Nations has revealed that about 4.4 million people in north-eastern Nigeria may face acute hunger because of activities of...

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