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Friday, June 24, 2022
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Man and wife welcome baby after 70 negative tests

An excited father took to Twitter to announce the birth of his daughter who came after several attempts with his wife.  @JazzyJon, who welcomed a...

How a Ghanaian domestic worker suffered abuse in Lebanon

The Kafala system is supposed to support people in domestic or construction employment – but it is often exploited and misused. It was half way...

Ghana’s Public debt stock now GH₵214.9 billion

Ghana’s total public debt stood at GH₵214.9 billion as of November 2019. According to the Bank of Ghana’s latest data on economic figures, this represents...

Constitution Day: Interesting facts about the 1992 Constitution of Ghana

On this day, January 7, Ghanaian’s observe the Constitutional Day as a public holiday to recognize the Fourth Republican Constitution, which came into effect...

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