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African Times

The story of the Dazzling Slave Girl Who Was Forced To Wear An Iron Face Mask All Her Life

Escrava Anastacia was an ensalved African lady who lived in Brazil in the nineteenth century. As a black slave young lady with shocking beauty,...

Meet the powerful black billionaires who ruled the world way before Aliko Dangote

Nigeria’s Aliko Dangote is the world’s number one Black billionaire today and there is a rich history to back the long line of rich people he hailed from. At...

Meet the pioneer of African Personality who first challenged racist scientific theories

The phrase “African Personality” was first introduced by Edward Blyden in a lecture titled Study and Race, delivered in Sierra Leone, Freetown on 19th May,...

Menelik II, The Brave African Emperor Who Defeated The Europeans In A Brutal Battle

.There are only two countries in Africa that did not experience colonization, when the mad rush by European powers to seek colonies in Africa...

Africa’s Best English speaking countries

When colonialism on the African continent moved to the end, a large number of countries began to use official languages that were mostly of...

I met Robert Mugabe in the late 1970s. What he told me still haunts me.

The Zimbabwean rebel leader wanted to be a different kind of African president. He was — just not the way I thought he meant. “We...

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