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Saturday, December 3, 2022
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UENR: GhIE General Secretary, Swanzy-Baffoe Emmanuel Petitions SRC President on School Fees Dismissal

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Current General Secretary of Ghana Institution of Engineering; an association of all students of the School of Engineering of the University of Energy and Natural Resources has today petitioned the SRC President of the University, following the sacking of students from examination hall in the ongoing End of Semester Examinations due to school fees arrears.

Below is the full document:

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Dear Sir,

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One obvious and primary reason why any student would owe the university fees is due to financial constraints except for isolated cases.

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As partners in development and immediate upholders in the welfare of students of this University, the SRC has initiated policies like the “Anidasuo Nsae” Scholarship Fund to alleviate the burdens that needy but brilliant students encounter. This undoubtedly testifies that the student council you head and for that matter all junior members of the university community recognise the need to cooperate in the smooth running of the University through payment of fees.

We applaud the flexible policy of allowing for at least 50% payment of fees last semester to enable students sit for the end of first semester examinations.

It is worrying however how students sitting for this semester’s examinations are being treated for non-payment of fees. I believe you are also not oblivious of the seemingly silent demonstration happening on social media in protest of this matter.

The letter was handed over to Mr. Wiafe Richard around 16:50pm this evening

Dear Sir, we understand that the fees are a commitment to the University for services of tuition and other academic facilities that students benefit from. We however believe that sacking students is not an option especially when these infringed students will at all cost settle these debts as far as continuing education in this university is concerned.

In some cases also where paid list goes un-updated, “innocent” students end up being heckled at the time of examination. In instances like this, students in this situation may have to be expelled from exams hall to visit the Finance Directorate to acquire proof of their payment/settlement themselves. Students must not in any way be punished for such technical hitches as this action remains unfair.

I recommend the following:

1. Instead of denying students the opportunity to sit for a paper and more severely, expose them to the more financial burdens of “investing” in mandatory and cost intensive resists, we should rather be allowed to write the papers and withhold our results thereafter as penalty. This makes a good strategy and keeps closed, a pandora’s box

2. A reliable, responsible and efficient system should be developed to save students from the stress of self-verification before sitting to continue our papers. I believe this will fuel a very friendly academic environment.

I challenge you and your entire government who have long served the interest of Technologians throughout your administration as eulogised by top men at the helm of student affairs in Ghana (NUGS National Executives) to champion this advocacy, negotiate and sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Management of the University before you cross the finish line in the weeks ahead.

Doing this will remain an indelible mark in the history of student emancipation through dialogue and a philosophy of non-violence in UENR.

Yours faithfully,

Swanzy-Baffoe Emmanuel
BSc. Civil Engineering, Level 200
GhIE-UENR General Secretary

Facebook@Emmanuel Swanzy-Baffoe
WhatsApp@+233 50 615 0791

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