KNUST: DSK rejects SRC Presidential results; highlights electoral inconsistencies


By: Sebastian Otoo

A statement has been released by the DSK camp about the results of the KNUST SRC elections which took place on Thursday 5th August, 2021.

DSK came in second in the results for the SRC presidential elections which was keenly contested.

The strong room representative for DSK and others from his camp, after some deliberation, have made claims of inconsistencies and alleged schemes in the SRC elections.

The claims from DSK’s camp suggests that the total count of voters registered for the various portfolios do not match and that the total count of female voters for the portfolio of women’s commissioner and other portfolios do not tally.

The statement reveals, upon inquiry, that the reasons for the discrepancies are connected to ‘mistakes’ made by students in the gender identity section during application.

The statement also reveals claims made about students not being allowed to vote after the 5 pm deadline even though they had already lined up to vote before then.

In furtherance, the statement suggested that the above claims could put the SRC elections and the management of the university in great disrepute and therefore questions the results of the elections.

The DSK camp, along with their representative from the strong room, have strongly and sternly rejected the results declared by the office of the KNUST SRC Electoral Commission.

The statement goes on to urge the management of the University to support the redress being sought after by the DSK camp.

Read full statement below: