“The BIG Policies”: Swanzy-Baffoe Emmanuel Details Plans to Position GhIE-UENR as General Secretary


The Ghana Institution of Engineering is the professional body of all Engineers in Ghana. The establishment of student chapters is essential to groom learners offering various disciplines of Engineering even before completion and satisfying the requirements to undertake the professional body, attaining the ‘Ing’ title.

The GhIE-UENR, as established in February 2019 through the efforts of Ing. Dr. Emmanuel Nyantakyi (Bono Regional Chairman, GhIE) makes the second student chapter after Tarkwa’s UMaT to be established. Although two successive Executive Committees since its establishment, it is clear that a number of structures have to be well laid.

The state of the GhIE would demand more especially in the quest to make it the most vibrant and attractive. I believe that a working secretariat would be very instrumental to the cause ahead. The function of a General Secretary; the third in command is primarily in charge of the organisation of meetings and administers the day-to-day activities of the organization.

Through a working secretariat, doubts about the essence of the GhIE’s establishment would be erased and ultimately rise to become the most vibrant and attractive association in the University. A key tool required to change the narrative about the GhIE is Public Relations. The secretariat under Swanzy-Baffoe, through my skills would champion an agenda to carve a new image for the Institution.

Below are the initiatives my ticket brings on board:

A. Education

The secretariat under Swanzy-Baffoe would embark on a massive campaign to educate Junior Members of the School of Engineering the essence of the GhIE and the need for them to support its cause. The target is to get all members of the chapter involved in the Association to make it the most attractive and vibrant union on campus.

B. Administration

a. General Assembly and Council Meetings

The Office of the General Secretary would ensure regular and well-organised General Assembly and Senate meetings with the entire Members and Engineering Departmental Association leaders respectively to discuss matters relating to them to be championed

b. Working Committees

The job at hand will need more hands. More human resources would be brought on board to aid in the running of the Institution. Well-structured and functioning committees headed by productive and vibrant personnel who believe in the GhIE course would be formed to champion their respective visions.

C. Advocacy

The GhIE-UENR through the office of the General Secretary under Swanzy-Baffoe will be a tool to demand students’ interest from both University Management and SRC levels. Matters that impede academic progress and general welfare of students would be opposed through a philosophy of non-violence but dialogue.

D. Info Gathering

As a means to get to know the grievances of Members of the GhIE, the Swanzy-Baffoe led secretariat will embark on occasional “meet-the-class” sessions to interact with students to hear their grievances on matters. It will as well be a means to educate Members on the essence of the GhIE as a way of managing the crisis at stake. Additionally, the secretariat would have an active email account where all formal communications to the GhIE would be made.

E. Publications

Together with a constituted Editorial Board with the Institution PRO as Editor-in-Chief, monthly newsletters, both in prints and softcopies would be published to keep Members abreast with issues governing the Association. A brochure – “The Rising Ing.” would be published at the end of the 2021/2022 Academic Year. This booklet would apart from giving an account of work done by the Association in the year under review will display our rich faculty, technological innovations by students, feature edutainment and marketing/advertisement spaces.

F. Media exposure:

Activities, programmes and all developments of the Association would be put in public domain by publicising stories of them on major online news portals. This will serve as a marketing tool to the Association as well.

G. External Relations:

The Swanzy-Baffoe administration will see to the establishment of bilateral relations with sister universities, companies and industry players within the Bono Region and beyond. This would reap lots of benefits including sponsorships and collaborations.

H. Branding:

A new image of the GhIE would be carved. The Secretariat, under Emmanuel Swanzy-Baffoe will ensure that a good image is attained for the Association together with the Public Relations Team. Publications, programmes and other elements that reach public domain would be given a high identity.

Emmanuel Swanzy-Baffoe’s leadership qualities are tried, tested and proven. Engineering Students of the University of Energy and Natural Resources are called on to make his call to service a reality.

VOTE Swanzy-Baffoe Emmanuel as the nest GhIE-UENR General Secretary.