Doing IT Together – Agene Elijah writes on his Vision for Oforikrom NSS


Man is known for his dogged self-reliance, rarely wishing to be commandeered and always wanting to do things in his own way. However, the world has evolved so much that one’s personal interests alone would not suffice for survival in this competitive global landscape and hence one has to be associative rather than individualistic to thrive. A great leader is one who leads a group of people to achieve set goals. He/she shows them the way and goes on the journey with them, guiding them each step of the way. I believe that leadership is all about service and I am ready to serve the National Service Personnel of Oforikrom to the best of my ability, as the President of this Association.

The mantra “Unity is Strength” has been widely used by various organizations, countries and popular groups around the world because unity is the one cord that binds all disjointed parts together in harmonious ensemble. It was originally derived from a Greek phrase which literally means “Power lies in Unity”, and truly it is. As a broomstick is useless on its own, until it is joined with many others to form a giant broom and tied together into a powerful cleaning device, so is one man’s efforts futile, unless it is supported by the very people he serves and works with. I am because you are, there is no National Service Scheme without the personnel, hence having a unified front is the only way we can be successful during this period.

Such outright devastating attitudes need some sort of reforms else it will continue to create menace for generations. Each one of us could tread our own path and act as though we are unaffected by all these happenings but will that help to solve the problem? No. 

How do we then channel our grievances to the higher authority if there is no coherence amongst the people the scheme has been designed for? How would those in the highest authority hear us out when we cry unto them? There is no doubt that as individuals we are weak, however together, we have a stronger voice which cannot go unanswered. And I would like to lead this charge in representing our people in the best possible way so our needs can be met during this 1 year of Service to the Nation.

As we come together to champion this cause and work towards our goals, I am optimistic that we will prevail. Posterity shall recall our achievements one day with pride if we work together to bring a change. This is a clarion call to all to join hands with me in solidarity so that we Do IT Together. Borrowing the words from the first Black President of the United States of America, who despite all odds, wrote his name in the history books and left his mark on the sands of time through determination, hard work and selfless service to his people,  I say, “Yes We Can”. Let’s Do It Together.