KNUST: CABESA outdoors new logo to reflect the incorporation of Faculty of Education to the College


By: Prince Kofi Guadzi.

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology made a shift to the collegiate system in January, 2005. This shift saw the creation of six colleges under the novel collegiate university system; one of these six colleges is the College of Art and Built Environment with the acronym “CABESA”. The College has grown over the years with introduction of diversified programs to provide quality educational access to students who are admitted into the College. 

The University Management saw it necessary to incorporate a Faculty of Education to cater for the growing need for tertiary educational certification from the University. The Faculty of Education was incorporated in 2019, and enrolled its maiden set of students in the 2019/2020 academic year into its Bachelor in Education (B.Ed) program and several programs which are run at the graduate and post-graduate levels. The Faculty of Education has been fused with the College of Art and Built Environment, thus changing the name of the College to College of Art, Built Environment and Education. 

In response to the incorporation, the College of Art and Built Environment Students’ Association under the auspices of Master Kwame Takyi (Outgoing College President) has seen to a change in the logo as well as name of the Students’ Association to reflect this incorporation. The Association per the change is to be called College of Art, Built Environment and Education Students’ Association (CABEESA) instead of the initial name and acronym of “CABESA”. 

A breakdown of the programmes offered by the Faculty of Education are as follows:


  • Bachelor in Education (B.Ed)

Graduate Programmes:

  1. MA Art Education
  2. MPhil Education (With Specializations in Visual Art Studio 
  3. MSc Educational Innovations and Leadership Science 
  4. MPhil/ MSc Educational Innovations and Leadership Science etc. 

Visit the Faculty of Education’s site at for more information on available programmes.