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Full List of Student hostels around UPSA


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Full List of Student hostels around UPSA

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The University of Professional Studies (UPSA) is one of the most respected tertiary institutions in Ghana. The University takes in thousands of students every academic year and as such, the UPSA is surrounded by many hostels. Including the UPSA hostel which is one of the largest in the country. However, if you need other hostels around UPSA then this post will meet your need.

list of private hostels around UPSA

Here is a list of hostels around UPSA. You can book it via GetRooms.

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Kitatsu Hostel (All girls hostel)kitatsu hostel

This is an all girls hostel located very close to the UPSA. It’s one of the few hostels located in Madina which take in only female students. This hostel has water flowing and shared toilet facilities.

Prestige Hostelprestige hostel opposite upsa

Located just opposite the UPSA, Prestige hostel is a popular hostel in East Legon. The proximity to the campus makes it one of the most preferred hostels for UPSA students. The rooms are spacious and self contained with each room having its own toilet and bath. There’s a study and kitchen on each floor for convenience. The security within the hostel is also taken very seriously.

Makasella Hostel

hostels in accra
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Located close to UPSA, Makasella hostel is a peaceful and comfortable hostel with many rooms. The hostel houses both male and female students in its walled compound. Students can walk for about 5 minutes to get to the UPSA.

MB3 Hostel

hostels in madina

A very neat and well organized hostel, MB3 hostel is a favourite for students due to its proximity to campus and the great facilities. The rooms are spacious and self contained. You also have access to eateries and shops all around the hostel.

Joy Hostel

hostels in accra

Joy hostel is a large hostel for students in East Legon. Rooms are spacious and have shared facilities. Students of Lancaster University can be found in this hostel.

Heavens Gate Hostel

hostels in east legon
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Heavens Gate hostel is located in East Legon and is now a twin hostel. The hostel has an old and a new block as well as spacious self contained rooms for students. All rooms here are 4 in a room which is ideal for UPSA students.

Goodwill Hostel

hostels around upsa

Goodwill hostel is a large hostel with many rooms. It is one of the few hostels which can boast of a game centre on its premises. If you love to play FIFA then this hostel would be a great choice. Goodwill hostel houses both male and female students.

Green Hostel

hostels around upsa

Located just behind the UPSA is Green hostel, a 3 storey building hostel for students. You can easily walk to campus from here. A group of rooms share a kitchen. There’s also easy access to public transport from Green hostel.

Anodams Hostelanodams hostel at madina

Anodams is one of the hostels in Madina for students. It is located by the main road and has very comfortable rooms. There are also many provision shops and eateries around the hostel. Students who attend East Legon schools prefer this hostel because it is easily accessed via public transport.

New Century Hostel
hostels in ghana

New Century hostel is a Madina hostel located close to UPSA. Students like this place because of enhanced security and the state of the rooms and facilities.

Chika Hostel(All girls hostel)chika hostel near upsa

Chika house is an all girls hostel located in East Legon. The hostel has a spacious compound as well as well ventilated rooms. The security within the hostel is taken very seriously with the gate having a password secured lock. All necessary facilities within the hostel are provided for all tenants.

Oasis Hosteloasis hostel near upsa

Oasis hostel is located behind the University of Professional Studies (UPSA). The rooms are quite small and so is the compound but it is an ok hostel for anyone who needs a place close to campus.

Student Hostel

student hostel (All girls hostel)

This Student hostel is located in East Legon and it is an all female hostel. Students here have a large compound as well as lots of privacy within their rooms. The hostel is located on a principal road making access to public transport a breeze.

Bendavid Hostelbendavid hostel

Popularly known as Yellow hostel by students, Ben David hostel is a popular on due to proximity and comfort. The hostel is located about 300 metres from the UPSA and has rooms that meet the basic standards of hostels in Ghana.

Precious Hostel

precious hostel near UPSA

Precious hostel is a twin hostel which is separated by the street. The hostel has a homey feel and can easily be accessed from most locations. Precious hostel is considered as a hostel in Madina.

Paulino Hostel (All boys hostel)

Paulino hostel near UPSA

It’s rare to see an all boys hostel but that is exactly what Paulino hostel is. Located in East Legon near Ayele, Paulino hostel is a simple hostel with all the necessary facilities.

Lillypot Hostel

Lillypot Hostel near UPSA

Lillypot hostel is located in East Legon and is mainly patronized by UPSA students. The rooms are cozy and shared by 2 people each.

Chief’s Palace Hostel

chiefs palace hostel

This hostel is not only for students but it is open to any one who needs to rent a place for a period. It is located in East Legon.

Joe Hostel

Joe Hostel

A new hostel located in Madina,close to UPSA is a popular choice for students who are in need of room. The rooms take 2 students each and all rooms have a toilet and bath for convenience.

Henrich Hostel

Henrich is a popular hostel located behind the UPSA. The proximity to campjs makes this a preferred destination for many students.

How to book upsa hostel

First visit the UPSA Hostel Application portal at UPSA Hostel Application
  • Enter your your student ID and password which you created during registration
  • Clicking the Sign Inbutton, will send you to your Student Dashboard. Continue by following the steps to choose your bed.
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