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UDS SRC Set To Launch A New Multipurpose Website

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The leadership of the Students’ Representative Council has revealed that plans are far advanced in their quest to launch what is described as a multipurpose website.

This site called “Deventer” (Deventer.com) will be one of its kind in tertiary institutions in Ghana. The name Deventer is coined from an interesting amalgamation of the words “Developers” and “Entertainment” . The development of this website is being spearheaded by the Council’s Entertainment Commitee led by Mr. Iddi Mohammed Faried [Chairman of the Entertainment Committee]. The site is innovatively designed with multiple features to address different needs of the student body.

Deventer.com will provide a platform to advance studies, harness and promote student talents, help in the publicity of SRC and departmental programs and also provide quality entertainment to students at the comfort of their rooms – the committee has intimated. Deventer.com, the soon to be launched website has many functionalities and features. Some of its functionalities and features are as follows:

1. An Online Library: This feature will be a repository of all lecture slides from each level and department on campus. The team at Deventer.com will collect and upload lecture slides for easy access to all students.

2. Campus Market: A platform to promote student businesses. This feature will enable student entrepreneurs to sell on the site, this is expected to provide more customers to businesses since almost unlimited potential customers can be reached on the site

3. Movies, Sports and Music: Features are available for students to stream movies, stream football matches and also download and upload music.

4. Blogging : Publication Of Articles: Budding student writers will get the opportunity to publish their articles, this will help them reach a larger audience. This will also help in promoting student writers, entrepreneurs, SRC activities and UDS as a whole.

5 . Virtual Platform : This feature will be used to live stream SRC programs in situations where students cannot gather due to the Covid19 pandemic or any other time when it is deemed necessary.

6. Podcasting : It has been revealed that H.E Lukman Mohammed, UDS TLC SRC president is committed to realizing a student radio project. As part of that initiative, there will be a podcast – this will help bring current affairs and other news to the “fingertips” of students.

6. Income Generation: The SRC expects to generate income through advertisements. A Google adsense account will be created to enable the council generate income by leveraging traffic on the site. These and many more are expected from the project.

Speaking to Mr. Mohammed Iddi Faried, he explained the motivation behind the development of the website ” this idea came up as a result of the pandemic and the President’s ban on contact activities. We needed an innovative way to keep students learning and entertained. Deventor.com is a great solution to some of the problems of the SRC in terms of publicity, academic work and entertainment. Besides, we are in a far advancing technology world, it is long overdue”. – he said.

“I want to thank the SRC president, H.E Lukman Mohammed for making this project possible. A very big thanks also goes to my two deputies; Luqman Rameeza and Ofori Thomas for their commitment in making this project possible”. – he concluded .

Mr. Iddi Mohammed Faried has entreated the student body to make good use of the site when it is launched. The website is expected to be launched very soon.


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