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Pernicious to the core, the attitude of the media towards UDS, extend our deficiencies out there – Issac Zuma

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Andrews Aibi Junior
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Without exaggeration the children of the Baobab tree are not only startled, but we are panic-stricken for that matter, we shall be dishonest if we don’t express profound disappointed in the character exhibition of the media on the matter of “sex party”, how swift the matter went viral. It is in this light I dare submit without the fear of contradiction, UDS is waddling in the bottomless pit, students are almost always trapped in this forest and slaughtered with cutlasses, arm robbers are using guns on us. non of this have been published. The Baobab tree is shrinking gradually. We need help to catch up with sister universities. The media other than “sex parties” is not interested in this struggle which started long ago
Visit any of our campuses, one will realise, University For Development Studies is a field with many unseen difficulties. Children of the Baobab tree are not demanding a paradise, but the infrastructure deficit alone has left many of us regret greatly having bought UDS forms. What is being piloted now teaches us the prospects of a well furnished and equipped tertiary institution are very dim. There are so many projects which have been abandoned deep in the Bush for so long a time. Visit UDS Wa Campus, one realises that until lecture hall three was launched recently, the formidable halls there are two. Only two forth showing lecture halls with a very disorganized public address system coupled with nuisance ceiling fans. The wilderness Struggle has being with us down the years, still continues. The media has been dormant on the infrastructure deficit
The outspoken bit of my trust is the student leaders here in UDS. Conflict, embezzlement, thievery, pilferage , dishonesty among others have been our major industry. We not sitting the fence to throw stones. We are all Comrades in Arm uplifting the flags of UDS high. But the sad truth, UDS is deprived of Student Revivalist, student leaders are dormant like never before, futility has crippled all. “Anything at all wants to be a leader” . None is peculiar, the uselessness of UDS student leaders has gone beyond recognition, none is fighting for a revolution. We are still believing the Almighty God/ Allah for a generation of student leaders, who will be not weary in fighting for students welfare, who will Put an End to Flat Rate Schools Fees. which have been imposed on us. A generation of students leaders who will take UDS up there and say, “We are in the Bush” , please extend infrastructure development to our end. The media has overlooked this? Its a pity, the Struggle continues
I stand to be corrected ladies and gentlemen, it is only in a government institution like UDS, where for the last four years, Students have faced the Flat Rate Fee Syndrome what we paid from day one is what we still paying, we don’t just know where to turn for help. GHC100 “Development Levy” imposed on Schools of Business and Law , no single development is discovered as at now. Education Students have paid what they term, “Teaching Practice Fee, they go for off-Campus teaching and students have to bear Every single cost. Our poor parents complain bitterly when we demand such extra monies aside School Fees. Real Estate And land Management are weeping for Workshops Levies. To some extent so many devises have been circumvented just to shrink hard earn monies of the poor.
What we are crusading is a constructive Media Intervention don’t only pronounce our “sex parties” worldwide, help us in the same enthusiasm in turning this archaic military camp into a contemporary Tertiary institution. UDS needs media intervention like never before. Visit Wa-Campus, one realises how students have been trapped at the middle of the bush.
Emancipation is what we are crying for. Inasmuch as you pronounce and declare our “sex party “publicly, in the same haste, tell the World, University For Development Studies (UDS) is far behind a contemporary tertiary institution. We have a very tough struggle which we are conducting. the wilderness experience has toughen us, virtues are shrinking out of us for that matter, the Baobab tree is still waving 👋🏾 for attention for all alumni and stakeholders to put their labour if they so wish. Kudos to the New Crusading Guide for hammering on some concern of the development. University for Development Studies without artistic impressions and exaggerations is tough a field to study. Arm robbers are openly harming students especially on Wa-Campus, the Media has trivialised and reduced its duties to the publication of the said UDS “Sex Party”. Its a pity!
Amaglo Isaac Zuma
Social Science
[email protected]

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