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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

UCC students make a U-turn to petition UCC administration to implement online assessment.

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Education, they say it’s a key to every door for human capital development. Due to that parents and guardians never lose hope of investing in their wards for them to acquire such education. Inasmuch as parents and guardians are struggling to acquire knowledge for their wards, so are children also doing their best to acquire the keys for the educational doors.

However, the novel Corona virus has brought every aspect of education into a standstill, thereby forcing students in this 21st Century to practice virtual learning(Online learning).

For that matter, a group of students have petitioned the University of Cape Coast management that though we’re not in normal times due to the COVID-19, management should, therefore, reconsider how the virus is spreading in Ghana and assess its students like how other sister Universities( kNUST, UEW, UG) and other private universities are doing in the country to complete the 2019/2020 academic year.

On their telegram and WhatsApp pages, over 779 students made discussions and have agreed that though accessibility to internet, non-availability of smartphones and laptops for students and the fact that others are in villages never prevented other universities to implement virtual learning. Hence they have petitioned management to reconsider online assessment for corona virus has come to stay.

The students, who supported SRC to cancel online assessment have now make a U-turn to petition the administration to bring back online assessment.


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