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How to check Your NSS Monthly allowance

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Founded in 1973, Ghanaian students graduating from accredited tertiary institutions are required by law to provide the country with a one-year national service.

2020 NSS posting

On August 31, the NSS released postings of 86,478 eligible graduates from accredited tertiary institutions and private registrants who enrolled for the 2020/2021 national service, to various user agencies across Ghana.

how much is the NSS allowance

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National Service Service Personnel are now paid 599GHS. Personnel allowances for the National Service Scheme were increased in 2017 from Ghc350 to Ghc599.04, and have not been increased to date.

Has NSS Allowance increased?

In October, there was news that the NSS Allowance has been increased to 699GHS. According to Mr. Armstrong Esaah, the Public Relations Officer of the National Service Scheme, the Scheme has not considered increasing the allowance for Service personnel.

The NSS Portal

The National Service portal is a dashbaord designed for national service personnel to aid management of their personal information, password reset, Ezwich ID Updates, printinf of Posting letters, checking allowance, printing Nss Monthly evaluation forms.

How to login into NSS Dashboard

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Login into the NSS dashboard Visit portal.nss.gov.gh

Go to the top green icon and click “Sign In“

Select the option “Sign In As Personnel“

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On the login page, enter your username (the email you used during registration)

Enter your PIN CODE as your password

Click on the green “Log In” button to access your dashboard

Resting your forgotten NSS password

Step 1

This step involves if you just want to change your login password.

  • On your NSS dashboard, click on “Reset Password” at your left-hand side on the screen
  • Enter your old password
  • Enter new password
  • Re-enter your new password
  • Click on “Update Password”.

Remember: You must have the proper credentials to access your NSS Dashboard.

Step 2

If you have forgotten your password, then you need to request a new one.

To reset your NSS portal dashboard password, provide the email you submitted during registration and click on “Send Me Reset Link” as seen in the image above.

An email with instructions on how to allow you access your account in order to create a new password will be sent to you.

Check your email and follow the process.

How to check Your NSS Monthly allowance.

  1. Login into the NSS dashboard Visit portal.nss.gov.gh

  2. Enter your Email and password

    On the login page, enter your username (the email you used during registration). Go to the top green icon and click “Sign In“How to check Your NSS Monthly allowance

  3. Click your Allawa from the drop down list a .

    After logging into the NSS dashboard, personnel are to click on the three buttons located at the top right of the dashboard(Mobile Users). Laptop visitors will see the NSS Dashboard listing on the right
    How to check Your NSS Monthly allowance

  4. Display of NSS Allowance Details

    Information concerning payments of your Nss allowance will be displayed and if personnel has bought an item or items which require monthly deductions from their Allowance it will be shown on the allowance page.How to check Your NSS Monthly allowance

Tracking the NSS Allowance

If payment has not been issued, the evaluation status will be marked processing

Visit the NSS Allowance Checker page

Personnel can also status of their nss allowance by visiting https://nss.gov.gh/ghipss/student_detailslist.phpHow to check Your NSS Monthly allowance

Enter NSS Number and Click on Submit.

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