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This would amaze you: How Students Walk on Campus

1. The Bold walkers
These students will always walk with their heads up. They are not shy and don’t have time to look at you or your “sh3p33” outfit.They are either focused on their destination or thinking about other relevant issues.
2. The eye ball lookers
These students will look at you eyeball to eyeball from the entrance till they pass by you. Some even turn around to look at you again. Their looks can cause immediate blood pressure. Sometimes too you may get annoyed.
3. The Phone fidgeters
Most of these students are shy. Their phones make them feel like someone else is walking with them. They will look and be pressing their phones till they reach their destination. For all you know, they are just setting their alarm clock, adjusting screen brightness or scrolling down old whatsapp messages to make it look like they are chatting.The amazing thing about this group is that, they actually look cool feeling shy.
Just a few are actually using their phones. Really
4. The noise makers
These students always walk in groups. With friends. They talk and laugh and play along the way. Separate them to walk alone and they will walk like lecturers.
5. The callers
These students have the urgency to talk on the phone whilst walking.
They will either call someone or when someone calls, they try to prolong the conversation till they reach their destination
6. The bag clutchers
These students when passing in the midst of Many will clutch tightly to their bag straps. It’s not that the bag may fall. It’s an overwhelmed feeling of instance shyness or fear of crowds. Another sign is they look down whilst walking. Only few naturally hold their bags when walking.
7. The Hitters
These students when walking expect you to pave the way for them and their handbags instead of adjusting for the incoming individual. They will either brush or hit your bag or arm without even saying sorry
8. The Butt shakers
Amazing but true. These students forcefully try to wiggle their butts when walking. Especially in something tight or short. Just to get attention.
9. The Models
These students are indeed good looking and have good body physiques, a unique aura. They don’t put in much effort to walk but their walk alone is glam.
10. The soldiers
These students walk like they are going for war. They will be behind you but before you know it, you won’t see them again. Sometimes they make you feel like you need to shed more pounds.
11. The espionage walkers
These students walk like secret spy agents. In their dark shades, smartly dressed heads up and careful but quick steps, they look like the president’s bodyguards on a mission. Sometimes you ask yourself in which part of the universe are you when you see them…
12. The sunglasses walkers
These students are in three categories.
a. Those who truly need to use sunglasses for the sun
b. Those who are shy and can’t afford to look others in the face when walking
c. The Kim Kardashians.- their hair and outfit and sunglasses always glamorous. Sometimes you really ask yourself if they are just going for lectures or a fashion show.
Some of these students get mad when they find out the class has been cancelled and will linger around to make sure they are seen.
Anyways, whatever it is, be confident when you walk. Trust me, sometimes, no one cares what you do. You don’t owe no body.
By…. Chichi

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