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The Powder Room Experience: KNUST Girls Don’t Stress Like Legon Girls


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The Powder Room Experience: KNUST Girls Don’t Stress Like Legon Girls

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The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, KNUST, and the University of Ghana, Legon, are no doubt two of the top tier universities in Ghana. Students and alumnus of both establishments claim to be the better one amongst the two and KNUST been ranked as the best university in Ghana and West Africa and also as the 14th best on the African continent by the US News and World Report just recently, has sparked a lot of debate between the two.

Just like the banter between Ghanaians and Nigerians about who has got the better jollof and music, it is similar with these two institutions, just that theirs is not about jollof and music. This historical rivalry and playful feud between KNUST and Legon is not centered on the Kumasi-Accra debate solely, even though it is a factor also. But then, it is about academics, infrastructure, alumnus produced, hostels, lifestyle, which is more fun, whose hall weeks rocks the most and girls. Yes, girls.

Both establishments boast of having the finest girls on campus and contradicting their fashion senses. Comparing their fashion senses, Legon girls actually dress to kill wherever they go to. Be it lectures, social activities on campus and outings. They can wear whatever they feel comfortable in for lectures and on campus unlike our dear girls in KNUST. The environmental setting plays a major role in this. Accra, where Legon is situated, has a lot of open-minded population who have accepted the western culture and so see everything to be ordinary but then in Kumasi, where KNUST can be found, lots of people are yet to adapt to the western culture and hence, give judgmental looks to certain things. Also, KNUST lecturers are very particular about the outfit of students for their classes and as such, expect students to dress modestly and officially to their class or else one risks being sacked from the class.

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In a short and quick survey inquiring about who is more stressful, most of the responses, if not all of them, were from the boys. Very few of the responses said that both KNUST and Legon girls are stressful, others said KNUST girls are and a greater majority said that Legon girls were. For the very few who said that both are stressful, they clung to the sentiment that girls are naturally stressful and difficult, especially University girls.

KNUST girls are said to be more stressful than the Legon girls because they act like “Ghana girls” even though we are in the 21st century. According to them, a “Ghana girl” knows very well that you like her and that you are moving to her but she will toss you around while you spend on her before giving you an answer because she is still scouting around. And most times, they end up getting answers that they are already in relationships or not interested to their proposal. One respondent said that the relationship of KNUST girls revolved around sex. He explained by saying that should you date a girl from KNUST, and make an attempt at sex, she starts to feed you the line that “oh, so you just wanted to have sex with me?”  and even get friends as backing vocalists. He then continued by saying that Legon girls are pretty straightforward, right from the onset, they let you know if they are interested or not and that with them, the rules are simple. Whatever you used to catch her attention, if it is the vibe, money or sweet little acts, just continue with it.

The greater majority that said that Legon girls are stressful based it on their luxurious lifestyle. The location of the University of Ghana in the capital requires that a student is financially sound to be able to survive on campus and even in the city because the Accra life is pretty expensive compared to that of Kumasi. This has created some sort of standard for a girl to live by. Almost all the very big places in Accra are around East Legon and even taking a girl out on a date is not an easy mission. Most times, these financial costs are paid for by the boyfriends. Legon being close to East Legon and Trassaco, where the very rich people in Accra reside, raises the bar for young boys on campus and if care is not taken, you might lose your girl. It is either the partner or potential partner proves himself worthy of being able to take care of the girl or risk losing her to a more suitable partner who is more than willing to bear any cost that comes his way. This lifestyle is likely to rub off easily on one who finds it difficult to resist peer pressure and put financial constraints on the young boys who are also students.

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With the common traits and lifestyles pointed out in the survey, it is quite clear that the institutions and even its location has a certain influence on the girls and even the students at large. These influences establish some sort of lifestyle and practices that are expected from the girls. As to which of them are more stressful, it cannot be said whether it is KNUST or Legon. But then whether they are stressful or not, it is no reason for them not be loved.

By: hypercitigh.com | Christabel Adjei Mensah

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