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The state of the SRC Address commenced with a report from the deputy speaker of parliament. He pronounced some issues arising from the last sitting of the parliament and appreciated parliamentarians and committees for a wonderful work done.
The speaker of parliament, Honourable Mr. Kissi Sasu initiated for the reports from member of parliaments of the university constituencies. The report started with the non-residential member of parliaments.
Member of parliament for Kotei; In reporting, the MP for Kotei touched on transport and security. He said, there has been no news of robbery and that the watchdog policy should be implemented as soon as possible to help more. He continued to say that the wall around the school is restricting transportion of students and he thinks the shuttle system would be a possible solution.
Member of parliament for Campus; He added some problems that have been solved, some which were wifi connection problems and water issues at Brunie.
Member of parliament for Bomso; He commended the good works of the SRC and voiced out the problem of shuttle extension.
Member of parliament for Ayeduase; He also commended the good works of the SRC. But again voiced out the problems of the bridge on the Ayeduase road behind the Engineering gate.
Member of parliament for International Students Association; The International Students Association president complained that international students are mostly left out in university games. Again, he complained that it has been reported that most international students smoke weed in the premises of Brunie.
Member of parliament for Indece; The member of parliament commended the hard work of the SRC and the effort the SRC made during the water crisis. He again suggested for the renovation of the elevators of the 6 traditional halls.
Member of parliament for Republic Constituency; the member of parliament complained of the refuse dump behind the hall which has become an eyesore.
Member of parliament for Queens Constituency; the member of parliament for Queens complained of water crisis.
Member of parliament for Unity constituency; The general secretary of Unity Hall, Mr. Anderson Ntiful showed dissatisfaction on the fact that people are claiming their leadership has been sidelined. Nazir continues to say that the university has sidelined them to choose inexperienced first years to lead the hall.
Member of parliament for Africa Constituency; The member of parliament voiced out how difficult it has been in adapting to the current changes made in the hall.
Member of parliament for University Constituency; the general secretary of the hall complains of the fact that they have been sidelined off their duties. Kataba reports that the SRC has failed in the matter of the mixing of the single halls as he said in a proverb.” If you pray for rain then you prepare for the mud.”

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