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How to Print NSS Monthly evaluation form

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National Service Personnel under the subvented category are to visit their dashboards and follow the steps below to obtain the form online.  

If you need help checking whether or not the allowance has been deposited into your account, then read how to check your NSS allowance. Furthermore, one of our articles also outlines the practical steps to be taken to withdraw the NSS allowance.

Below are the steps to follow in order to obtain your NSS Monthly form online.
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Step 1: Log in to your NSS dashboard via the link portal.nss.gov.gh/sign in

Step 2: Enter your email address used during the registration

Step 3: Enter your password, remember your default password is your NSS pin code which should be typed in Capital Letters.

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Step 4: Click on the Particular month form uploaded or available on the NSS Dashboard to Print your Monthly Evaluation for the processing of your Monthly Allowance

Step 5:Give it to your Supervisor to sign and stamp

Make a photocopy for yourself and submit the original signed to your NSS District Office and failure to submit it means withholding processing of personnel monthly allowance. A form not signed and stamped by a Supervisor will be declared invalid

Things you see on the NSS Monthly evaluation form Before Printing

  1. QR Code
  2. Your Upload Image
  3. Month/Year
  4. Name of District
  5. Ezwich Number
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NB: NSS Personnel who do not find the forms on their dashboard are advised to be patient as the forms are issued to all gradually.

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