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How to Download and fill Your NSS Evaluation Monthly form

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National service personnel is required to download and fill the Monthly evaluation before the monthly allowance can be processed for payments. 

The NSS monthly is mostly submitted at your district NSS Office between 11th and 15th of every month.  Failure to submit to the monthly evaluation form will result in an unapproved monthly Allawa for a particle service person.

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In this article, we will detail out the procedure for national service personnel to follow to get his or her Monthly evaluation form printed, download, and signed by the user agency for allowance payments processing. 

Step 1: First, Personnel are to visit the NSS Portal via the URL below


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Step 2: Enter your user name and password to sign into the Dashboard

Step 3: On the NSS Dashboard, Locate the Monthly evaluation and click on it to download. Our article here gives you an authoritative on how to get your NSS Monthly evaluation form printed out without stress. 

Step 4: After printing the NSS evaluation form, send it to your Supervisor at the user agency for it signed and stamped.

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Write your RAN at the top of the QRCode on the Printed monthly form and make a copy of the form and submit the original one to the NSS office. After submitting the Monthly evaluation checkout our article here on how to track your NSS Monthly allowance.

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