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Dear Finalist, Find out details needed to prepare for 2021-2022 NSS registration

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NSS PINCODES plays a vital role when it come to the NSS registration process. Without the Pincode you cannot be proceed with the registration process.

PINCODES are generated for each Tertiary Institution in the country when names and details of final year students are submitted from the various faculties to NSS. This list is then used to generate the nss PINCODES for a person to be enrolled.

As finalists wait patiently for the release of the NSS PIN, kindly make sure you have anyone of the following national IDs for your means of identification and verification.Voter ID(old one)

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1. Driver’s license

2. SNNIT Number

3. Passport

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Also, the following details are needed when filling in the NSS Online Enrollment Registration Form:

1.Residential Address 

2.GPS Digital Address

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3. Region you Reside 

4. Residential District 

5. Town you Reside 

6. Phone Number 

7. Email Address

8. Guardian Name

9. Guardian Email Address 

10. Guardian Phone number 

11. Next of Kin Name

12. Next of Kin Phone Number

13. A Passport Size Picture 

14. National ID.
NOTE: Make sure you provide an active email address. This email address will be used to log into your NSS personal dashboard.

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