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We can’t confirm the number of students on the UG SRC scholarship scheme- SRC Scholarship committee

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In a report, Members of the SRC Scholarship Committee could not confirm the number of beneficiaries to the SRC Scholarship Scheme christened “Yi Bi Boa Scholarship Scheme”.
At the last sitting of the General Assembly, the Vice Chair of the Scholarship Committee, Mr.Kafui Kwaku could not categorically give statistical evidence to show the number of students who are sponsored by the Scheme.


The said meeting took place on the 10th of December at the SRC Union Building with representatives from all constituencies present. The report as presented by the Committee was done as directed by the constitution that governs the SRC. The constitution stipulates that the various committees are to present a report of account of what they have been engaged in according to their terms of reference.

Explaining, Mr. Kafui Kwaku said that Management of the University is reluctant to release documents that would help them to clearly know the beneficiaries of the scheme. This is because Management of the University has been delegated with the sole responsibility of disbursing funds to beneficiaries in consultation and approval from a vetting panel. Adding to that, he said that attempts by his Committee to get information on beneficiaries have proven futile.
Members of General Assembly, however, did not take the responses of Mr. Kafui Kwaku lightly and tasked him to exhaust all efforts to acquiring documentation on beneficiaries.
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Also emanating from the presentation, Member of the GA were dissatisfied with the efforts of the Committee to increase the number of beneficiaries to the scheme. Responding to that, the Vice President of the Committee alluded to the sentiments of GA and added that the Committee would resort to more proactive measures such as infographics and aggressive dissemination of information to create awareness and possibly increase patronage of the said scheme.
SRC Yi Bi Boa Scholarship Scheme
The SRC Yi Bi Boa Scholarship is a scheme which seeks to provide financial support to needy and brilliant students of the University of Ghana.
In the university, many students face a lot of financial challenges so the SRC made it a core mandate to ensure that every student gets easy access to education regardless of his or her financial status. It is for this reason that the SRC collaborates with the Students Financial Aid Office (SFAO) every year to enroll students onto the SRC Yi Bi Boa Scholarship Scheme. The SRC Yi Boa scholarship scheme is for needy University of Ghana students with progressive academic performance.
By: Michael Ashalley / universnewsroom

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