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UG SRC Has No President & Vice President Elect-Judicial Council

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UG SRC Has No President & Vice President Elect-Judicial Council
On Saturday, 28th April, 2018,  at the SRC Union Building ,the court hearing on the petition filed by Clement Bofa-Oppong
Versus the  Electoral Commission and Sylvester Amoako for the anulment of the 2018 UG SRC Presidential run-off election
results of Jean Nelson Aka Hall and Volta hall, which was believed to have had instances of over-voting, resulted in the ruling of
the annulment of the election results and re-election at Volta Hall, but but the inapprehension of the results of Jean Nelson Aka Hall.
 UG SRC Has No President
 At the Volta Hall polling station, 357 voters were verified ,however,  361 ballot papers were counted and coalated from the
ballot box containing the total votes cast.
According to the Constitutional Instrument(CI) of the election, when the number of total votes cast at a polling station,
including reject ballot papers, excedes the number of verified voters,  it implies the instance of over-voting. hence, the results from that polling station must be annulled.
 After series of cross-examinations and interrogations, by councils of the parties involved, the Judicial Council ruled that the
Election results from Volta Hall(149-Clement Bofa-Oppong and 212-Sylvester Owusu Amoako Amoako) should be annulled and
as such, a re-election be conducted at Volta Hall , which subsequently means that, as it stands now, University of Ghana has no
SRC President Elect, until the election at Volta hall has been conducted, and the results added to the pre-existing results from
the run-off election.
UG SRC Has No President
Unlike Volta Hall, the total number of verified voters at Jean Nelson Aka Hall were 819. However, upon counting of the ballots,
the total number of votes cast(including 28 rejected ballot papers) had now changed from 819 to 824; with an irregularity of
extra 5 ballot papers .
After the irregularity had been noticed by the Returning Officer at Jean Nelson and the Polling agents of Clement and Sly, Clement’s Polling Agent, refused to sign the coalition sheet because he believed there was a case of “over-voting” , which lead to recounting of the ballots at the SRC Union Building(Coalition Center).
Upon re-counting; the respective votes for the candidates still remained the same, however, 5 Unstamped ballot papers, all with votes for Clement Bofa-Oppong, were found in the Ballot box.
Sylvester Amoako &Adom Anorkwa-454
 Clement Bofa-Oppong & Kweku Afful-337
 Original Rejected Ballots papers-28
 Unstamped Ballots papers-5
New total rejected ballot papers; 28+5=33
Both candidates, Sly and Clement, had representation as polling agents at the polling station, and after a voter is verified by the computer, a ballot paper is stamped, before it is given to him or her.
 Now the question was; where did those 5 unstamped ballot papers come from, and how did they enter the ballot box?
The Jury concluded that, since the 5 extra ballot papers found in the box were not stamped, they can not be classified as ballots, but “Foreign material” .
As such, the difference in 819 verified voters against 824 total votes cast (824-819=5) , could be accounted for by the 5 foreign
materials, and not ‘over-voting’. Therefore, the votes from Jean Nelson Aka Hall, have been successfully added to the total votes and now, Sylvester and Adom still lead Clement and Afful with about 350 votes.
Whether or not Medic Sly &Vandal Adom, still remain SRC President and Veep-Elect, now lies in the power of the thumbs of
the beautiful ladies of Volta Hall.
Source: Aibi/Hypercitigh.com
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