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UG General Assembly quashes UGSRC supplementary budget

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The General Assembly of the University of Ghana Student Representative Council (SRC) has quashed the supplementary budget statement for the first semester of the 2018/2019 academic year.
The budget statement, which was presented by the SRC Treasurer, Dominic Smith Dumenyo was shot down by GA which happens to be the highest decision making body of the SRC due to some irregularities which were pointed out by members of the Assembly.
The budget presentation which commenced earlier today at the third sitting of GA had an estimated revenue of Gh¢ 510,000 with an estimated expenditure of Gh¢ 450,102.40 and thus a surplus of Gh¢ 59,897.60.
The budget received it first shot after members of the Assembly ascertained it was improper and detrimental for the SRC to use monies contained in the SRC Hostel Account for any other activity.
The SRC hostel account was one out of the other sources of revenue points contained in the budget statement to be used by the Sylvester Amoako led administration to undertake certain projects which they believed will inure to the benefit of students on campus.
The house rejected the idea of using the hostel account monies for any other project outside the construction of the hostel because they argued that should the current SRC administration tap into that account, subsequent executives will do same which in the long run will empty the confers without the implementation of the SRC Hostel project.
A member of the House, Honorable Gilles Ametepe raised objections about the usage of the funds saying it will be a misplaced priority
All other explanations from the SRC executives such as the President, Sylvester Amoako proved futile as the house maintained that the move will be inappropriate.
In a more troubling night for the SRC, the projects which were captured in the budget such as the Summer Hut project estimated at Gh¢ 50,000 per head, laptop project estimated at Gh¢ 1,500 among other projects were all discarded by the house on the basis that the Projects and Programmes (P&P) Committee Chairman failed to present the projects for the approval of GA.
According to the House chaired by the Honorable Speaker Ewura Karim Adams, the projects should have been first approved by GA before any other budgetary allocations be captured by the Treasurer.
The House agreed that since the P&P chairman failed to disclose any of the projects captured in the supplementary budget which was being read to the House, there was no business discussing it not to even move to the point of perusing the monies allocated to each project whether they are reasonable enough to be approved.
SRC Woes Continue
As if the woes of the SRC will end anytime soon, another item presented in the statement did not get the support of the House for approval.
In the statement, note 3 presented a budget allocation for administrative expenses – Imprest. According to explanations by Mr. Sylvester Amoako, SRC President, there are countless times the executives have responded to the plight of students by rendering certain monetary supports to alleviate their problems which turns to be a cost for the executives and thus a need to include the administrative expenses in the supplementary budget.
The imprest as contained in the statement allocated Gh¢2,000.00 to the president and Gh¢ 1,000 to the Vice president, Secretary and Treasurer respectively.
Despite the justifications, the House rejected the inclusion of the Imprest because they believed that the SRC executives should not be responsible for giving out aid, and if they should, it should be at their own mercy, not on the account of the entire student’s revenue.
This they maintained that other budgetary allocations have been made in the main budget which captures some of these expenses and thus an inclusion will be wastage of the Student Union’s resources.
Kingsley Okyere, an observer at the sitting raised some serious questions about the inclusion of the Imprest with the view that it should not be handled by the SRC, but rather an autonomous person who could be a petty cashier.
He added that the word Imprest is a term which is never used in budget statement and thus a need to cancel it out.
The house upon further deliberations resorted to striking out the administrative expenses while requesting the SRC to find a better way of including it some other time with a better explanation of how it will be operationalized.
Despite counter arguments by the SRC President and Treasurer that the view which Kingsley holds is “book knowledge” and not practicable, the decision was not overturned by the House.
Also, member of the House and Women’s Commissioner for the SRC, Nana Akua Busia moved a motion that if almost everything in the budget has been struck out, there will be no point discussing the last item and essentially there is a need to end proceedings until the next sitting when things are properly settled on.
The motion was seconded by another member of the house and in turn the speaker of the House ended proceedings squashing the entire supplementary budget statement presented to the house
Estimated Revenue
SRC Hostel Account –Gh¢250,000.00.
SRC Union Building Account – Gh¢200,000.00
Sponsorship – Gh¢10,000.00
Receipts from Laptop project –Gh¢50,000.00
Estimated Expenditure
Projects –Gh¢441,172.40
Administrative expenses – Gh¢5,000.00
Autonomous Bodies – Gh¢3,930
Story by: David Quaye/universnewsroom.com

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