LEGON: Students lament over late painting of JQB

LEGON: Students lament over late painting of JQB

Students of the University of Ghana who frequent the Jones Quartey Building popularly known as JQB have raised concerns over the time for painting the building.

They explained that the painting should have been done earlier to give the paint time to dry to avoid stains on clothes and skins of students.


“So far I think them the only problem is the paint is not well dried so when you mistakenly get closed to it, it creates stains on your dress and skin.”

They further cried that the equipment used by the painters to do their work obstructs students from getting to their lectures halls in JQB.

“The metallic stands used by the painters are set at the entrance of the block so it makes entering and going out very difficult, so you have to bend before you can enter or go out”


Healthwise, students have lamented that the smell from the paint is too strong and this could cause health problems for some students.

“I think it is very bad because I remember we were having a class and we had to stop the class because they were mixing the paint and the smell was so bad especially for asthmatic patients”

Damages to books and students getting stuck in their seats when they mistakenly sit on chairs with paint on it were some of the problems reported in light of the issue.

“You go for lectures, you sit down and when you want to get up you get stuck in the chair. You put your book down and the book gets stuck in the paint when you want to take it, the cover can get torn”

They opined that management of the school should have done these renovations before they resumed the academic year to avoid the various discrepancies.

“I so don’t understand it they had the whole time to paint this place but they did not do it, they waited for us to reopen before they did the painting.”

 This move by the management of the school has however been lauded by some students as they believe it will leave learning facilities in good conditions for their various purposes.

One student, in particular, is of the view that the painting does not cause any form of inconveniences to them as they are able to go about their activities in the building without interruptions.

“For now I actually don’t have any problems of the painting ongoing in JQB I think it is a very good thing, I think the painters do their work well and do not pose any convenience to the student body. I applaud the management for this act to maintain the school’s facilities”.

By: Jocelyn Afeafa Kugblen/universnewsroom


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