LEGON: No fresh elections for Sey Hall

LEGON: No fresh elections for Sey Hall

President of the Elizabeth Frances Sey hall at the University of Ghana, Kofi Agyemang has stated that no fresh elections will held to elect new members for the hall’s Junior Common Room (JCR).

Speaking on our morning show, Campus Exclusive, the president pointed out that due to financial constraints there is no possible way that another election will be held.

“Based on some conversations the senior tutor had with the judicial board and stuff…and then the state of finances as it stands, truth is we cannot go in and have another election.”

Agyekum also indicated that at a recent sitting, the entire JCR members including the senior hall tutor all came to a conclusion that indeed there were some loopholes in the last held elections in the hall.

“All the majority whips or the arms of the JCR were present and we all sat down and then we went thoroughly through the ruling that came and at the end of it we all collectively as a group came to an understanding that there were certain irregularities with the elections. We have exhausted all our means internally”.

President Agyekum however assured it’s members and the entire University community that, his outfit is on track as they are working constitutionally because their actions are based on the rules and constitution of the hall.

“we are on course and we are using every constitutional provision or we are trying to satisfy every constitutional requirement in the Elizabeth Frances Sey hall constitution”

The Elizabeth Frances Sey hall held its JCR elections last semester to elect new members for the 2019/2020 academic year.

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However, the results were declared null and void by the judicial board which was petitioned by some members of the hall due to some irregularities during the voting period and the matter still remains in court.

As it stands now, there has not been a set date for a handover ceremony to enable the newly elected executives take up the mantle of leadership from the current JCR executives who have clearly overstayed their tenure of office according to the constitution of the hall.

Story by: Hendrina-Rose Bawa|

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