LEGON: Level 200 Political Science student wins Kwapong Hall JCR Presidential elections

LEGON: Level 200 Political Science student wins Kwapong Hall JCR Presidential elections

Level 200 Political Science student, Divine Edem Kwadzodeh, has written his name in the history books of the University of Ghana students politics as one of the few level 200 students to win a Junior Common Room (JCR) Presidential election.

Divine defeated his only opponent, Samuel Osei-Agyapong, in the Alexander Adum Kwapong JCR Presidential election to lead residents of hall for the 2019/2020 academic year. 

According to results available to UniversNews, Divine garnered 280 votes (57.65%) with Samuel Osei-Agyapong trailing with 206 votes (42.39%).

The voter turnout was barely impressive and no violent incidents which could have marred the electoral process were recorded.

Speaking to Samuel Osei-Agyapong, a level 300 Agricultural Science student, he conceded defeat and says that he believes his campaign was not strong enough.

I’m a little disturbed but I’ll be fine. We did our best but perhaps our best was not enough. Looking critically, perhaps are campaign wasn’t so strong.


As at yesterday evening[Thursday, people were saying they were expecting us to come around just as our opponent was going around even though we were going in our own  small way.

”Samuel Agyapong also accused members of the vetting committee of canvassing for votes for his opponent.

For him, it was not right and should be condemned.

“One thing I saw today that I wasn’t happy about was the fact that people from the vetting committee that you would expect to be neutral or not show any sign of being for a candidate [went] to the extend of going from room to room and pulling people from the queue and telling them to vote for someone is not democracy.” Samuel Agyapong underscored

In an interview with Phylis Vester Boison, who is Divine Kwadzodeh’s running mate, she expressed elation at the electoral process and believed that her victory was because her partnership with Divine appeared to be gender balanced.

“It wasn’t easy to get people to come and support us and since it was rare for a lady to vie for this position, we got most of ladies to come and support because I was female and a female for going for such a high position in the hall.”

Phylis also assured residents of the Kwapong Hall of good leadership.

“Kwapong has decided and they’ve voted for competence and we are going to do our best for the hall.”

A total of 1,741 residents of the Kwapong Hall were registered to cast their ballot. However, at the end of polls about 480 of them partook in the electoral process.


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