LEGON: General Assembly sets up Electoral Commission, Vetting Panel

The General Assembly of the SRC has set up a three-member Electoral Commission to oversee electioneering for the 2019/2020 academic year.

As directed by article 33 clause 2, a seven-member vetting committee chaired by the Hon. Akua Busia, Women’s Commissioner of the SRC, scrutinized nine (9) individuals vying for the position. The committee upon finalizing the rigorous process submitted to the house for approval names of three (3) individuals to serve in the capacity of Electoral Commission.


“The Electoral Commission and two Deputy Commissioners shall be appointed by the General Assembly after a vetting conducted by a seven (7) member committee set up by the General Assembly, which vetting shall be held in the presence of, but without the participation of the General Assembly, at the second sitting of the same” – constitution directs.

As suggested by the vetting committee and subsequently agreed by GA members, the following were elected as Substantive Electoral Commissioner and Deputies;

– Roland Eyram Tettey, Electoral Commissioner
– Hadiru Anoaga Fusheini, 1stDeputy EC
– Ethel Delali, 2ndDeputy EC

However, two individuals were disqualified by the vetting committee for falling short on the minimum GPA required to be eligible.

Functions of the EC

Pursuant to Article 36 which defines the functions of the EC as responsible for conducting and supervising all SRC elections in addition to all other functions ascribed by the General Assembly without being in contravention to the truth and letter of the constitution.

The outgoing Electoral Commissioner is expected within five (5) days after the appointment of the new EC hand over the office to the newly appointed commissioner as enshrined in the constitution in article 34 clause 2.


The Akua-led committee also vetted six (6) members of the general University and subsequently appointed three (3) of them to join the vetting panel to oversee the vetting and making of candidates for any election including the upcoming SRC elections to be held later this year. The three shall join The Chair of the EC, one deputy EC, two members of the General Assembly and the legal advisor of the SRC to form the SRC vetting panel.

The SRC Vetting committee is comprises of;

– Mr. Roland Eyram Tettey, EC Chair
– Hadiru Anoaga Fusheini, 1st Deputy EC
– Mr. Sampson Tagbor, GA Member
– Mad. Rose Nyarkoah Gyasi, GA Member
– Mr. Afram Adomako Jnr, Legal Advisor
– Mr. Abel Amodiok Ansoliwen, Student Representative
– Mad. Jacinta Delali Dogah, Student Representative
– Mr. Derrick Schandorf Ayirebi-Acquah, Student Representative

Seven Member GA Vetting Committee
The GA vetting Committee comprises of;

– Akua Busia, Chairperson
– Sandra Akudugu
– Jimmy Mawusi
– Bright Atsu
– Bright Ayibi
– Oppong Kyekyeku
– Godsway Oburo

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