LEGON: Financial crisis rocks Ananpansah’s team – Campaign manager confirms

LEGON: Financial crisis rocks Ananpansah’s team – Campaign manager confirms

A Presidential candidate in the forth coming University of Ghana Student Representative Council elections has said that he has little money to fund his ambitions of leading the students’ front of the nation’s premier university.

There are growing concerns over the length student politicians go to get elected into office.


At the end of each election, students spend outrageous sums of money for their campaigns in order to get the votes of the electorates.

It has virtually become a norm that without money, one cannot hold any political position.

Isaac Ananpansah, a level 300 Psychology student and presidential aspirant appears to be helpless as his campaign team is claiming that they are low on cash.

Although it is no secret that some of these aspirants receive support from political parties, the member of the Tertiary Students Confederacy (TESCON) of the New Patriotic Party says he is struggling to get public support because he has ‘no money to raise a flagrant campaign’.

In an article coming from his campaign team, they express their believe that even though Isaac Ananpansah was without money, he was capable of leading the students body.

The article further accused his opponents of taking his posters, which were made from his ‘little money’ down in a bid to suppress his [Ananpansah’s] publicity.

They also pleaded with the students to bear with Isaac Ananpansah if they see little campaign materials from him.

Speaking to his campaign manager, Samuel Eto Dade, he confirmed to UniversNews that the team was currently financially unstable and hence, plans on getting students to fund their political activities.

Samuel Eto Dade further added that even though they could knock on the doors of some influential persons for fund, they prefer to use their limited resources in their campaign exercises so they do not become the puppets of their financier when they eventually win the election scheduled for April 10, 2019.

The money we have running the campaign is limited so I can tell you boldly that we do not have money and as such we are rallying around student’s donations.”he said.

Below is the circular sent to various  student platforms of the University of Ghana


He grew up in the Upper East region of Ghana, he has big brains but lives in a small cute body. He championed the course for the UG FEES MUST FALL crusade, and is currently running for the UGSRC presidential bid, but nobody will support him. Why? Because he has no money to raise a flagrant campaign.

He believes the SRC should not be run by the rich (people who have money to raise flashy campaign) alone. He also believes the SRC should be a buffer, assisting the mitigation of student exigencies.

Out of his little, he managed to print some banners and flyers to publicise himself, but others who see him as a threat in the race, diabolically go about taking down his posters and banners, just to suppress his publicity.

But like the seed, as they try to bury him, he finds conduciveness in the ground and germinates into the beautiful oak tree.

So ladies and gentlemen, as you traipse the streets of this campus but see no poster and flyer of ANANPANSAH, then you should bear with him, knowing that he’s been a victim of the works of enemy, thus far.

On this note, I introduce to you, Isaac ANANPANSAH, and I urge you support him now – the only candidate championing the Students’ agenda.


Story by: Abena Agyakomah|

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