LEGON: Career and Counselling Unit launches Career Week

LEGON: Career and Counselling Unit launches Career Week

The Career and Guidance counselling team in partnership with U-REPORT under the auspices of UNICEF is organizing another insightful one week event for students as part of their 6th edition of Career Week.

This year’s event under the theme “Going Global Maximizing Technology” seeks to aid students apply knowledge practically.


Touching on the theme with UniversNews, a representative from the Guidance and Counseling Unit, Henry Anyomi explained that the theme seeks to put the University on a world class level as a research intensive institution which will in turn put students from the University breaking ceilings.

The guidance and counseling team has thus taken it upon itself to organize various programs to aid the University achieve this goal he added.

“We choose this theme because the University is looking to become a world class research intensive university in the not too far future and this is something that touches us at the center to the core so we want to push this agenda forward so we want the University to produce graduates that will go to the ends of the earth”

He stated that this year’s Career Week is in partnership with U-REPORT an initiative by UNICEF to get the voices the youth in many African countries with regards to social matters.

“The Career and Counseling team is pleased to be in partnership with U-REPORT in terms of organization of this event. This year they happen to be chief participant of the career week, this platform allows students and the youth in general in terms of matters that affect them.”

Speaking further on the event, one of the Ambassadors of U-REPORT, Abigail Mamle Tei gave more details about the platform and urged all students to partake in the exercise so that issues that bother them can be forwarded to the right stakeholders to bring solutions to these problems.

“Ghana’s population has the youth as a majority and so it is important that this majority have a say when it comes to issues that affect them, that is where U-REPORT comes in, it is an initiative of UNICEF to engage young people through Facebook and then text message to solicit their opinions on a variety of issues”

Henry Anyomi continued to outline the various programs that the one week event will serve students who will partake in this year’s career week.

He encouraged all students to be there so they do not miss out on the wonderful packages that the theme will be offering which will open doors for them.

“The event starts today 28th February, 2018 Tuesday with a program that seeks to bring on board various resourceful personnel who take students through various activities that will broaden their horizon career wise, and then from Wednesday through to Friday we will have the Career Fair. Cooperate Icon is on Thursday this is a CV and interview competition where students get the opportunity to partake and then the winner gets the opportunity to work with Vevo energy and then Friday Evening we have some time with some celebrities”

By: Jocelyn Kugblenu Afeafa|

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