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The administration of KNUST refused to reason with students, has refused to reason with students, and can’t reason radically even when there is a mandate to do so.
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As a concern student I feel very dishonored and disappointed in every single action of plans the management has ever implemented with the view of improving security on campus.

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The administration has refused to understand the fact that students make up the school and without we the students KNUST is like a pen for poultry.

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It really baffles ma ~~~and I can’t control myself, the reason that the only option available to resolve students issue is to beat up and brutalize them. It seems the administration from the Vice Chancellor, Dean of students, and all university managers who are masterminding this brutality of students are hiding behind power which if we dont concord nothing will happen.

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I don’t know why the administration wants to superimpose decisions on the student body like we are kids who don’t know our left from right.
I don’t know why management of the university is trying to hide matters that concerns the school and the warfare of students.
On the 13th of October,there was a fire outbreak at the University Hall.
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The news of which was not made even public for he students and victims have been displaced and oppressed not to talk about it.
It is a shame and a total disgrace on the part of the Vice Chancellor and the Dean of students, who in their position is to seek to the needs of the students.

It has come to a point we got serious as a country. We are in Ghana and our second most cherished tertiary institution which is the first in science and technology can’t be protected. We can’t submerge to an authority that doesn’t reason and dialogue with us.

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