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Dear fresher, 7 Reasons why Queen Elizabeth II Hall market is the most preferred destination for food .


Home Campus News KNUST Updates Dear fresher, 7 Reasons why Queen Elizabeth II Hall market is...

Dear fresher, 7 Reasons why Queen Elizabeth II Hall market is the most preferred destination for food .

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Queen Elizabeth II Hall, also known as Queens, has the busiest market for various kinds of food on KNUST campus; starchy foods, fatty foods, fruits, vegetables and others. It has a busy market for other stuff as well. There has been a lot of comparisons amongst the various food joints or spots on and around the KNUST main campus over the years and “Queens” market stands out one way or the other. The following are most evident reasons; 

  1. Cleanliness: Queens market is one of the most clean food spots on and around campus. Anyone interested in buying food outside always want to buy or eat at a clean place; it tells them that the food is also without dirt or germs. It also gives the impression that you will not get ill when one eats or buys from there. 
  1. Pricing: The rumour among students at KNUST is that food from Queens market especially the common ones like Beans and plantain (popularly known as “gob3”) is relatively cheaper. In other words, you get more for lesser price, more for the same price or the same for lesser price. This implies better value for money.
  1. Good quality of food and foodstuff: Queens market is well known for serving some of the most tasty meals on and around campus. Most of the cooking is done at the market so it is clear what kind of foodstuffs are being used and how the cooking is done. Such transparency shows how good the foodstuffs are and how well the cooking is also done. The cleanliness of the surroundings also contributes a lot to the quality of the food served at the market.
  1. Convenience: Queens market is very popular for their unmatched variety of goods and services. As most students say, “Queens market has everything you need to buy”. They obviously do not have everything but almost anything a student needs on campus, they have it; food, mobile money service, stationery, printing services and many more. The whole idea is that if you need more than just food at a point in time then you can just go to Queens market because you can get the other thing at the same time. 
  1. Good stock management: The food sellers at Queens market manage their stock of foodstuffs so well that they almost never are short off food when students need them.  
  1. A Good reputation: The good sellers at Queens market have done so well that they have knowingly or unknowingly built a good reputation for themselves over the years and that alone attracts so much traffic of buyers day in day out. They have a great amount of goodwill from students and other members of the university.
  1. Something unique: Queens market is well known for the great quality and quantity of their beans, gari and plantain or “gob3”. This shows just how well they know their market.

Source: | Sebastian Otto 

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