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#KNUSTVotes: CABESA and GESA Elections under Review – Editorial

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The KNUST Election period is a revered process far and wide across the universities scattered around various regions in Ghana. The road map of leadership succession has been set and today, the Ghana Engineering Students’ Association and the College of Arts and Built Environment Students’ Association are set to elect new leaders for the various portfolio available in the colleges. The most coveted of these portfolios- College Presidency, Secretarial work and Electoral Commissioner positions among others.

The elections started on a low front with some few challenges with network leading to a late start for the Faculty of Art Polling Station, Kumapley Auditorium Polling Station and a shift in location of polling station from the Petroleum Building to the Bamfo Kwakye Building all due to network connectivity issues. These delays saw the voting commence on average around 10am for all polling stations across the two colleges; an hour later than expected.

There have been a few calls for an extension of the closing time to make up for these delays but it is still under review and information is yet to be relayed on the way forward with the suggestion.

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In an interview with Master Kwame Takyi, CABESA President, he noted their scepticism on a large voter turnout due to the day for the election which is not customary for the two colleges. For the past three consecutive years, the two colleges have voted on Mondays instead of Fridays. From the interview with the Deputy EC for CABESA, he estimates that voter turnout should be a little above forty percent for the College owing to the absence of the first year students of the Faculty of Planning who are on a field trip.

Upclose with CABESA President, Mr. Kwame Takyi

However, voter turnout at the Kumapley Auditorium is massive. This comes ahead of a vivacious period of campaigning by various aspirants for the many positions in the College of Engineering. Aside the few technical glitches and the issue of a potential low voter turnout, all seems to prim and proper with today’s electoral processes.

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