KNUST: Independence Hall Marks 62nd Independence Day Celebration Of Ghana

KNUST: Independence Hall Marks 62nd Independence Day Celebration Of Ghana

The first hall of residence to be built in the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology , Independence hall built a year after Ghana gained independence in 1957, today celebrated the 62nd anniversary of Ghana in a Naval parading in the school.

Essentially, the ceremony is held every year on the 6th of March, to remember the suffering of the forefathers who sacrificed their lives in order to gain Ghana’s freedom was not exempted today.

The forecourt of the Independence hall today saw several alumni, Dean of students and Pro-vost of some colleges in KNUST including the immediate past University Relations Officer, Mr. Kwame Yeboah Junior who were all once affiliates to the hall gracing the occasion.

Speaking to focus news  on the sideline shortly after the celebration, the Hall tutor, Dr. Samuel Mortey said, “every year we organize this parade and writhe naming ceremony just to honour our Big six who fought for Mother Ghana.”

According to him, after 62 years of independence, Ghana could have developed more than where she is now, but the country is still at a mediocre status in terms of development due to certain behaviors of the citizens in the country.

“Ghana has not reached the level of maturity we are supposed to be after 62 years, we are still exporting, still not self sufficient and still depending on the same people we demanded independence from,” he said. To him, Ghana is capable of doing more than it is now. He blamed the situation to selfishness on the part of we the citizens.

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He further indicated that Ghana’s low level of productivity has led to under- development of the nation because to him, “ as citizens we also have ourselves to be blamed, because how much do we contribute to productivity, when we travel outside look at the amount of efforts we put in because we think we are to be paid well but do we do the same when we come to Ghana?”

He believes what the founding fathers envisioned for the country has not been met and that Ghanaians are to be blamed for that and not only politicians-therefore the country needs a collective efforts from all and sundry in order to move it forward.

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