KNUST Election Tower- LAMDSA President Endorses DAB

KNUST Election Tower- LAMDSA President Endorses DAB
KNUST Election Tower- LAMDSA President Endorses DAB
The president of Land Management and Development students association, one of the four departments in the Faculty of Built
Environment  (FABESS)has early in an open letter to association members endorsed Mr Derek Amoakwao Boadu for this year’s SRC elections which is slated for Wednesday 25th of April.
This has has come under the backdrop of some reasons he believes are  evident enough to compel association members to follow in that stead.
Below is the detail of his statement;
Its another election season, the heat is on. The SRC elections will be held hopefully this Wednesday and most of us are still wondering who we should cast our vote for. Which team is with the welfare of students at the very core of their campaign. As normal of every campus elections,

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Some students will vote based on hall affiliations whiles some will also vote based on church affiliations and other affiliations, I vote based on policies, not just any policies but policies which focus on students and seek to make the SRC a relevant body to the needs of all students.
I’ve encountered all the SRC aspirants but I choose to follow and endorse DEREK AMOAKWAO BOADU (DAB).
I have read through all his policies and they are sound and indeed very feasible. DAB is very passionate about the welfare of students.
In accessing his running mate, I got to know *RODNEY KWAKU BOATENG SARPONG*  a third year Land Economy student and an ardent member of the students’ association, LAMDSA. Mr. Rodney Kwaku Boateng Sarpong, was a great leader with many qualities every leader should possess. His achievements on KNUST campus are very exceptional and commendable.


I now understand why people wanted him to be retained as KNUST CAMPUS MP.
I have heard a lot of political talks and I have witnessed a lot of elections on KNUST campus but this time around  *Derek Amoakwao Boadu* (DAB) and *Rodney Kwaku Boateng Sarpong* are the true leaders KNUST yearns for in this critical time of our lives as students.

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Let’s support a *New Culture* that seeks to make the SRC relevant and it’s relevance be felt.
I endorse DAB and Rodney.
LAMDSA endorses DAB and Rodney
Yours in Service,
Prince Afriyie
(LAMDSA President)
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