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KNUST: Dear Fresher, click here to find out How To Configure KNUST WIFI Both On Android And IOS Devices

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Data is a luxury that a lot of us don’t like to spend on especially when there is the option of WIFI

Just in case you are finding it difficult to configure the KNUST WIFI here are the steps to follow


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1. Go to Settings on your Andriod device and select WIFI or WIFI Connection.

2. Click on the KNUST WIFI to configure your device for use

3. Select Advanced options. You should see the options to configure such as the EAP method etc.

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4. Under EAP Method > choose TTLS, Under Phase 2 authentication > choose PAP. Every other setting should be left as they are.

5. Now enter your username and password in the space provided under identity and password respectively. Enter your name in the anonymous identity field

6. Ensure the credentials are properly inputted and tap the connect button.

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1. Download the link using your iPhone, the download button can be found at the top right corner, choose direct download

2. After choosing the download option, a new window opens up with some information. Just tap on the Install button at the top right corner. Enter Passcode (if requested) then tap on Install again and then tap on it again.

3. Now enter the username. tap on the Next option, enter password then tap on next again. Finally, tap on Done.

4. Go to Settings, Wifi, turn on Wifi and then choose KNUST WIFI to connect. Type your password if requested… an interface with KNUST RADIUS…. appears. choose the Accept option and you are good to go.

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