KNUST: COHSS President Performs Financial Accountability, Publishes Semester’s Expenditure

President of the College of Humanities and Social Science Student Association, Kwadwo Nketia Fidelis has performed His financial accountability of making the public abreast with the spending of funds of the association for the first semester of the 2018/2019 academic year.
There has been several allegations of embezzlement of funds from students who believe that executives of the association had engaged in a bloated budget few weeks after budget of the association was published.
Speaking in an interview with Focus FM’s Leadership Corner show on Sunday evening, the president together with the Financial secretary Richard Mensah, refuted allegations of bloated budget that was published some months ago.

According to the president, the planned expenses made, were meant for a bigger office space at the Faculty of Social Science but was failed by the contractor who couldn’t complete the project when he resumed office.
After  being pressured  by various student activists on the issue of the budget released, to come public and explain  further the language of the budget which was not clear as it looked bloated with the figures in the budget corresponding with the items on the list.

He said he has been financially responsible in the sense that “we actually give value for money on every single dime we took from the coffers of the college.”
According to him, plans were made by the college senate to publish the expenses made in the course of allocating the funds, but due to some circumstances leading to alterations in the academic calendar for KNUST, the meeting has been rescheduled to take place in the course of the semester.
The Financial secretary read out the actual expenditure made which was the opposite of the budget released earlier.

Source: Irene Pomaa-Kumi/