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INFOCUS: *The Servitude* by Buabeng Derrick Frimpong

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INFOCUS: *The Servitude* by Buabeng Derrick Frimpong
Over the years, KNUST as a community has experience the leadership of many students who stood with the intention of serving
the interest of the students of the school.
The election of able students for our SRC has always been something very sensitive and all kinds of people try everything
possible to influence the system. Students are always caught in the middle of trying to decide on who to vote for, the reason
being that all aspirants have their own ways of presenting their “can’t do policies.
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” I say this not because they preach what they can’t do, but rather some preach unrealistic policies. Have you ever sat down to think about how people have keen interest in the SRC elections? Paying huge sums of money to various groups just to get people vote for them.
If a student can spend over 10,000 cedi’s on campaign just to win an election, then what happens next? It is very true that the
opportunity of being a leader carries so many benefits, but if we entrust our rights and interest to anybody just because of his
money or some unreasonable criteria, then we are not doing anything good to ourselves.
KNUST as a society has to be very meticulous about this year’s elections, all stakeholders who have hands in the proceedings of
this elections shouldn’t fail the student populace.
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We have read so many propaganda messages, suspicions over fraudulent vetting results and so many issues about this election.
As a concern student, I feel that the current SRC executives have failed us.
They have failed us in not letting the student population know what actually went into the vetting of the aspirants.
The interest of the KNUST community cannot be jeopardized, therefore anything we need to know must be communicated to us credibly.


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I believe we ll have a mandate and a duty to carry, lets vote for advocacy. Let us decide for the betterment of KNUST.

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