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Infocus: 2018 KNUST SRC Vetting Previews by Hypercitigh
 As KNUST decides on 2018 SRC elections, the panel members of the committee sit to ideally scrutinize and vet various
aspirants for the presidential port folio.
The vetting started with *Mr. Bobby* with his vice, Mr. Frank. As a team they tried to battle most attacks, to say so, they really
tried to answer some questions posed to them.
Team Bobby could have done better as it could be clearly see that they actually didn’t prepare enough to be vetted. The coordination of the team as was seen was not enough to impress the vetting panel.
” Why do you always have to consult your vice,” the panel asked, “does it mean you are not decisive?”
The sensation of the port folio of the SRC president can’t be jeopardized, therefore it is really important not to just rise with the intent of running for the position of the SRC President for personal interest.
“It seems your vice is answering all the questions,” a panel member asked, “should we make him the president and make you the vice?” Bobby responds,” actually initially we planned…” Team Bobby was actually not ready.
* *Mr. Firdaws*
Moving on to the second aspirant, the pressure of the vetting atmosphere get tensed and overwhelmed. The one Muslim aspirant, *Mr. Firdaws*, a third year Agric student submits himself to be vetted by the panel.
Mr. Firdaws and His Vice
Mr. Firdaws did very well trying to answer several questions posed to him by the panel. With conflicting date of acceptance of resignation and nomination submission, he struggled a little in the proceedings.
“How can we entrust KNUST to you as you resigned wrongfully, there can be the probability that you will resign and leave KNUST leafless?” a panel member asked. “I won’t resign Sir, as much as I know I resigned before submitting my nomination form,” he answered.
He really had a  good team, his vice was well composed enough to also answer some questions. On percentage base, I will rate the performance of Mr. Firdaws at 60%.
*Mr. Daniel Owiredu*
” Hope says that, one day the son of the charcoal seller will wear a white shirt.” He introduces himself, a very kind composure he portrays.
Mr. Daniel Owiredu and His Vice
*DO* as many people call him gets ready to be vetted. It is as if he actually know whatever he says, the 27 years old gentleman seeks to serve the interest students of KNUST.
A panel member asks” sell KNUST to a Togolise” I don’t think any of the panel member understands what he said, he spoke French.
The impressed panel really learnt a lot, he is actually a man who can handle the mandate of upholding the intimate feeling and interest of the  KNUST students. It is no news that he has stayed in the school for over six years now.
He really worth it.
     *Mr. Bernard Akyereko*
A third year law student, a resigned COHSS organizing secretary submits himself to be vetted.
Eloquence really matter for I can clearly see and say that Mr. BA us many people supposedly call him is actually abreast with the English Language.
Mr. Benard Ayereko and his Vice
Though he faces some shortfalls singled out by a panel member, he tries to affirm to the fact that the names on various forms as submitted are his name.
Therefore, he needs to send an affidavit before the results of the vetting comes out as stated or else faces the consequences. He did very well and I know with an open conscience he want to advocate for the students of KNUST.
    *Mr. Adu Baah Charles*
Mr. Adu Baah Charles and his vice, Mr. David Elikem submit themselves to the vetting panel to be screened and vetted.
The support of the aspirant create  very codusive atmosphere for him to relaxly compose himself for answering several questions posed to him.
Mr. Charles Adu-Baah and His Vice TEAM ABCDE
” I believe that the voice of the students is to be protected,” said by Mr. ABC as he tries to state his opinion on the issue of making the traditional halls of Unity hal and University hall a mixed hall.
He continues to say that if ladies are admitted to Conti and the culture of fellow Continentals hold your balls, where will that ladies hold? The vice president,
Mr. Elikem struggles as being screened on his nomination form and resignation process. The ABCDE team seeks to total advocacy for the vital interest of the average KNUST student.
     *Mr. Amanful*
On the resurgence journey, Mr. Amanful submits himself to be vetted by the vetting panel. “Good gentlemen and gentle ladies,” as he greeted brought a brouhaha in the auditorium.
Over tensed as he was, he was a ble answer some of the questions given to him. Seated with the vice all in blue suits,
Mr. Amanful Bright and His Vice
I think if dressing was the only criteria for selecting the president then he would have been second to none. Mr. Amandul struggled to answer several questions posed to him.
Mr. Amanful preaches advocacy and says to have competence to sever the student’s interest. In rate of inmbers from 1-10, with regards to his performance, a rate of 5/10 will be ok for his work.
    *Mr. Derek Amoakwao*
The dabbing team, Mr. Derek Amoakwao and Mr. Rodney submit themselves to be vetted by the vetting panel. He third Continental aspirant who believes in the individual interest of every single student on KNUST campus.
“Why do you have the original copy of your resignation acceptance letter with you?” a panel member asked.
Mr. Rodney responds that it was an oversight, he exclaimed that the copy was left with the president to whom he resigned and he brought the original by mistake. Team DAB did averagely well. I will award 6/10.
    *Mr. Kelvin Sah*
” Seeking for the individual capabilities of the average KNUST student, it is pre-eminent interest and willing to stand by the
view, precisely every single view of the average KNUST student,” Mr. Sah exclaimed.
The panel within their procedural mandate poses questions which Mr. Sah stands to actually answer with practical scenarios.
He tries to convince the Dean of students to approve an arrangement of a relationship program of which the Dean of students
states that, if only the program is been stated in the SRC budget then he has no right not approve it, but if not, then there is nothing like convincing. ” You are the best candidate so far,” pronounced by the panel.
     *Mr. Kyekyeku*
The new sensation which will bring hope and courage to KNUST students. He mounts the podium with his vice to be vetted by the committee.
Little but courageous indeed, he answers several questions asked by the various panel members. His courage and confidence is enough to carry that kind of mission he wants to achieve.
He expresses his ability to lead through his fluency in the English Language. I believe that if only the fluency was used to select
the president, then he would have been second to none. Averagely, he did very well.
Written by: Derrick Frimpong Buabeng
(Writer Pslams)
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