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The Executive Director of the Knust student activists , Ulzen Jacobs Ulzen after Sunday, the 14th of October ,2018 has hinted
that the campus radio ,Focus 94.3 fm is a failure itself when it comes to the role of the media in student activism in KNUST.

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This follows after his invitation to studio discussion on the “LEADERSHIP CORNER” program. He described the show as a
“Kangaroo media practice” which must not continue or else will portray the campus radio meaningless and unprofessional.

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A show where the topics for gets changed without the prior knowledge of a particular guest is unacceptable and frowns upon the ethics of the media.
The Executive Director continued that Focus fm cannot measure the role and achievements of the enviable organization-Knust

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Student Activists by mere speculations and political opinions of a bias panelists especially when Focus Fm has not initiated
anything to help strengthen the voice of Knust Student Activists nor attempted to do a survey to find out from the good people
of this university and other similar associations .
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Focus Fm should as part of it’s responsibilities ensure that the masses get
reliable information across the length and breadth of this university before students try to extract information from authorities
or student politicians.
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Ladies and gentlemen, If at this age, Focus Fm wants to portray that they are not learning to be objective and neutral , then we
at KSA would advise that they learn why they should follow a code of ethics .
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We are not surprised that someone who is not an activist is trying to dictate how an activism organization should operate when
we do not know whether he the panelist is a
politician or a mere spectator. We are disappointed that a former SRC Public relations officer is not advising his predecessor to
improve based on the advise of his experience.
Where was Focus fm when KSA was campaigning against
#IstandAgainstRape ,
#SayNoToMixedhalls , etc
We at KSA argue as internet optimists because online venues create space for dialogue in the midst of conflict, presenting
policy options to the good people of this university .
Again, It popularize our basic knowledge about how to ensure effective activism ideas .
Focus fm and self acclaimed scholars in activism should learn that when physical gatherings are prohibited, digital venues such
as Facebook, etc can create forums for new virtual spheres that are difficult to shut down.
In fact, during the 2014 Euromaiden revolution in Ukraine, Twitter lowered the costs of communicating the crucial “where,
when,how, and why” of a protest .
Focus fm has failed the good people of this university far too long to give voice to the voiceless . It has been vulnerable to propaganda and it’s lies .
When was the last time Focus fm as a media house organized a campaign against student corruption or sponsored a student protest ?
If Focus Fm and the cynics are not aware , the Internet allows KSA to promote our own narrative which is particularly
important when the mainstream such as their media outlet, whatsapp radios and Twitter hubs is sometimes controlled by
student politicians.
We have used social media to keep the good people of KNUST updated on important issues as well as vital information and to
gather others that are interested in participating in the cause .
There is power in numbers and that is what KSA has used social media to do, to increase those numbers for active online protests .
KSA has consistently utilize social media to advocate and deepen our connections where almost everyone in KNUST today has seen it or been a part of it; especially where everyone spends much of a considerable time staring and glancing through all that is happening with our advocacy and activism .
What at all has Focus fm and the cynics done ?
What has been your role in this struggle of ours ?
Lastly, we extend our warm wishes to a collegue in the struggle, Master Harvey, We at KSA believe in solidarity as one man cannot fight a dozen. This is our small advise to you our colleague.
Activists’ learn to have patience to listen when people put forward their views,even if they think those views are wrong.We always want to reach a just decision so we listen to both sides, It’s not a question of race,
it’s a question of ideas .
knuststudentactivists @gmail.com

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